Waterless Car Wash Cleaner From Every drop Is Precious

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Shower and Tap water Saving Products from Every Drop Is Precious



Are you a CEO, Financial Director or the Facilities Manager of your business?

Then contact us today to see just how much you can save off your water and energy bills.

Capital investment pay back within 4-6 months & significantlyImproved Sustainability Credentialswith vastly reduced fixed overheads.

Limescaled Tap before Every Drop Is Precious

If your taps look like this!

Then you don’t need to change them,

You just need an Every Drop Is Precious Aerator/Regulator!perfect for hard water

Save up to 50% off your Water & Energy bill...

with our Eco Shower Heads and Tap Aerators. Are you fed up with ever increasing utility bills? Then do something about it! Have a look at the Every Drop Is Precious energy Saving Top Tips. By fitting these simple water saving devices you will immediately begin to Save Money, Save Water and Save Energy. You will also recoup the cost of your purchase within a couple of months. Fed up of not being able to wash your dog indoors? See our Pet Dog Wash shower head or pack. The dog wash shower head is a real break through and is so easy to use with its' simple and stylish thumb lever operated shower head. Water & energy saving products for the commercial sector, save on your fixed overheads with capital pay back within a couple of months. Every Drop Is Precious have thought of everything and also have an award winning waterless car wash pack. A comprehensive range of commercial water saving products for the healthcare sector help prevent MRSA spread. Public sector products: prevent theft or abuse with our anti-vandal range of tap aerator fittings. Hotels save up to 50% of their water usage by fitting tap aerators and water saving shower heads. This really is a no brainer!! Water is a most precious commodity and measures that reduce water consumption not only create huge financial savings for your business but will instantly improve your sustainability credentials-Did you know that up to 25% of your  heating bill can be made up of heating water? Heat less water because you will be using less water and save money today! 

Splashing tap problem?                                 Non splash water saving tap with aerator fitted by Every Drop Is Precious