Top Tips To Save You Money, By Saving Water & Energy. So many people are complaining about the cost of their increasing utility bills, but are not prepared to do anything about it. So, here are some simple tips that everyone can take which will immediately help you to reduce your bills. Start saving today...

TURN THINGS OFF! It is such a simple thing to do, but did you know that an average family can save up to £40 off their energy bills just by switching off and unplugging! An average family can save 150kgs of CO2 a year just by turning things off. Appliances which are in stand by mode represent approximately 10% of UK household energy use.

UNPLUG! Did you know that there is a thing called energy ‘leakage’ which means that even when things are turned off, there may still be a degree of energy being used if the item is still plugged in! This is particularly the case with mobile phone chargers - and the majority of us are guilty of this! So, remember to unplug them now and save up to £10 a year!

DEFROST YOUR FREEZER! By regularly defrosting your fridge / freezer it enables it to work more efficiently. If you have a fridge / freezer that does not have an internal regulator (i.e. an eco fridge / freezer) then you might be interested in using a "savaplug" which was developed in conjunction with the department of energy, and helps your fridge / freezer run more economically by adjusting the electricity supply according to the motors needs.

FIT WATER SAVING DEVICES! Save up to 1/3 off your water bills by installing Every Drop Is Precious tap aerator & regulators, shower heads and shower hoses. You can also save on your heating bill by not heating up so much hot water! Surprisingly, up to 25% of your heating bill is made up of heating hot water! Use less water = use less energy = SAVE MONEY!

WASH YOUR CLOTHES ON A LOWER TEMPERATURE! If your clothes are only lightly soiled then you only need to wash your clothes on a temperature of 30 degrees. Washing at 60 degrees uses 30% more energy!

TURN THE THERMOSTAT DOWN! You can save up to 10% off your heating bill by turning down your thermostat by only 1.5 degrees! It may mean putting on an extra layer, but you probably won't even notice the difference!

DEAL WITH DRAFTY WINDOWS, DOORS & LETTERBOXES! If you can feel drafts at the bottom of your front or back door, then why not stuff an old pillow case with all those old socks that everyone has hanging around in drawers, roll it up tightly like a sausage and when the door is closed place in front of the door! For windows, if replacing them or purchasing / making draft excluders is not an option, then simply stuff the wider gaps with folded paper or even use tape. For letterboxes, the Postie still needs to be able to deliver your utility bills! but why not try hanging some fabric, either as a full length curtain or just attach a suitable piece of fabric approximately 6 inches above the letterbox and hanging at least 10 inches below, to allow post to be delivered. By taking these simple steps, you really can save considerable amounts of water, energy and therefore money!