How to Treat your Pet

07/08/2015 10:46

Everyone deserves to be treated every now and again, your pets too! Pampering your pets can come in many ways, from their favourite treats to a simple shower – made simple by specialised shower systems. Read on and discover our top tips for treating your pooch or purring Persian.

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The 28mm Male Adaptor for "quick fit" hose connector & all in one tap aerator is now available for pre-order. Shipment expected week commencing 14th April (i.e. before Easter). 

Available to order complete with tap aerator & hose connector OR you can purchase the 28mm adaptor on its own if you have already purchase the 24mm quick fit tap aerator. 

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Top Tips To Save You Money, By Saving Water & Energy.

So many people are complaining about the cost of their increasing utility bills, but are not prepared to do anything about it.
So, here are some simple tips that everyone can take which will immediately help you to reduce your bills. Start saving today...

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