Commercial Water and Energy Saving Products

Install our retro-fit water saving products and recoup your capital outlay within a few months, whilst also improving your sustainability credentials. With water becoming more and more expensive not only in provision but also in waste management terms, it makes sense to reduce your overheads and improve your bottom line. Our comprehensive range of water saving products will be perfectly suited for you, whatever your business sector. i.e. Hotels and Leisure, Commercial, Financial, Government, Education, Healthcare, Care in the Community, Retail etc. Start Saving today... up to 40% off your utility bills.

How is this relevant to me?

If you have cloakrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, shower rooms, washrooms in your building(s) then we have the products that will save you money!  As the exclusive UK distributors for R.C. Mannesmann GmbH,  we offer a complete commercial service, ranging from survey to supply and installation – whatever your requirements.  Please contact us today on: 01904 621 924 or

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Every Drop Is Precious At Novotel

Christophe Ughetto General Manager of the York Novotel is delighted with his new Tap aerator/regulators which have just been installed. The Novotel will now be saving up to 30% of their water usage per tap . All of the guest bathrooms will now have aerated/regulated low flow taps. The total installation time will be no more than a couple of hours and as the products are retro-fit and there is no need for a plumber or for the rooms to be out of commission it was an easy decision for Christophe to make as the capital payback period is approximately 4 months and he will be saving on his heating as well as his water bills. Ian Pickard the maintenance manager was most impressed with the self clean anti-limescale properties of the Every Drop Is Precious aerators & regulators as hard water is a big problem in the area.

The Churchill Hotel in York goes Green!

The Churchill Hotel York Goes Green With Every Drop Is Precious

John Wallace, the General Manager of The Churchill Hotel is delighted to announce that he has taken yet another step towards making The Churchill Hotel more water & energy efficient. John has had installed throughout the hotel, some very clever water-saving devices from a company called Every Drop Is Precious.  These have reduced his water output by approximately a half (per outlet) along with reducing his energy bills as he doesn’t have to heat as much hot water. John was delighted with the quick, efficient & cost effective solution that Every Drop Is Precious presented. They not only provided the products but also installed them and within 2 hours, without any disruption or the need to close any rooms. Great service! Johns final comment: 'it is quite simply a no-brainer, start saving today...oh and by the way the guests are much happier as they are not being splashed all over!'    



Splashing & messy tap with a very high flow water stream (approximately 24 litres per minute) with dirty regulators clogged up with limescale.

John says “Our sustainability profile is important to us and being able to implement such a simple solution which pays back within a couple of months just made plain sense!” Jill Player-Bishop & Tamsin Johnson, owners of Every Drop Is Precious are delighted that The Churchill Hotel has so whole heartedly embraced the important issue of water & energy saving, and that John was able to see the financial benefit as well as the environmental benefit of taking this action. They look forward to other businesses in the region taking up the challenge to save water & energy along with reducing their fixed overheads!


 Tap Aerator Removed Churchill Hotel York Tap like new at the Churchill Hotel with Every drop is Precious  STRAIGHT STREAM NO SPLASHING WITH EVERY DROP IS PRECIOUS

 It took no time at all to change these dripping, high flow taps, the cleaning staff love us as water is no longer all over the floor!

Water set to be a top priority for many companies over the next 5-10 years, with 99% of Sustainability Managers setting it as a priority and 52% already ranking it as one of the top 5 most important issues they currently deal with (ethical corporation report unlocking the profit in water). Measures that reduce water consumption create huge financial savings for companies almost immediately. Every Drop Is Precious comprehensive range of professional water and energy saving retro fit products will help you to do precisely that. Improve your sustainability credentials today. Call 01904 621 924 or email: