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Toilet Seat With Built-In Bidet

Fitting Guide

User Guide

Suitability Guide

Tap Aerators and Regulators

Useful videos for these tap aerator products:  Whats a Male and Female thread?   How to fit a Tap Aerator

"Quick Fit" 24mm Male & 22mm Female Tap Aerator & Hose Connector Fitting Guide - How to attach a shower hose or hosepipe to a tap

"Quick Fit" 28mm Male & 24mm Male Tap Aerator & Hose Connector Fitting Guide

24mm Male & 22mm Female Basin or Kitchen Tap Aerator & Regulator Fitting Guide    

20mm Tap Aerator & Regulator Fitting Guide  

19mm Tap Aerator & Regulator Fitting Guide

18mm Tap Aerator & Regulator Fitting Guide

16mm Tap Aerator & Regulator Fitting Guide

Kitchen Tap Aerator & Regulator with "Auto Save" & "Quick Fill" Settings Fitting Guide

Kitchen Swivel Tap Aerator & Regulator with "Stream" & "Spray" Settings Fitting Guide

Kitchen / Washbasin / Utility Tap Adaptor to fit a Shower Hose Fitting Guide

How to assemble my aerator & regulator


Shower Heads & Hoses

3 Spray Setting Shower Head Fitting Guide

Cylindrical Shower Head Fitting Guide

Shower Hose with regulator Fitting Guide


Pet Washing

Outdoor Dog Wash Shower Pack Fitting Guide

Dog Wash Shower Head Fitting Guide


Hair Washing

Hair Wash Pack Fitting Guide

Hair Wash Shower Head Fitting Guide


Boats / Caravans / Motorhomes

On / Off Thumb Lever Operated Shower Head Fitting Guide


If you're unsure which size tap aerator you need, please give us a call / drop us an email or simply send us a photo of your current tap and tap end and we'll try to help you as best we can. Send photos/emails to:

If your tap is wasteful, splashing, dripping and messy like this....then make it like new in just a few moments! Simply unscrew your existing regulator and screw on an Every Drop Is Precious tap aerator and regulator! No plumbing skills required! It will also save you money, water and energy!

splashing tap before fitting an every drop is precious tap aerator and regulator   Stop Tap Splashing Fit Aerators  NO MORE SPLASHING TAPS form every drop is precious

Safety Advice for those with high water pressure in their homes, this advice applies to all those wanting to use our shower hoses and shower heads which have aerator/regulators fitted. 

  1. Products are suitable for use with normal household water temperatures. For safety and convenience do not use with water above 65C or with combined water pressures above 4 bar.
  2. Always take care when using hot water, especially with children. NEVER leave a child unattended in a bathroom.
  3. Always turn on the cold water first and then gradually add the hot until the desired temperature is achieved.
  4. Before fitting please ensure that the tap surfaces have been cleaned to remove any bath oil or soap residue.
  5. Do not connect directly to water heaters or combination boilers.
  6. Do not use with electric showers
  7. To ensure constant temperature and flow, avoid running cold water from other outlets during use.
  8. Products are designed for use with most standard baths and basin taps.