Product FAQs

What is an Aerator?

Most taps have a small device (a regulator) which screws into the end of the tap spout. Replace this with our aerator & regulator (its’ techie name!) and air will be introduced into the water (aerating). This reduces the amount of water used and produces a soft touch and seemingly voluminous non-splash stream.

What is a Regulator? Also known as a constant flow regulator / CFR?

Regulators are used in taps and have been introduced to meet regulation code requirements with particular reference to water and energy saving. A large number of existing taps already have a flow regulator but the likelihood is that they will not be of sufficient quality to meet todays’ standards. Our regulators & aerators are manufactured to the highest European standards by R.C.Mannesman GmbH and most are suitable for low water pressures and hard water areas.

What is a tap regulator?

What is a tap spout? And how do I know if I have a regulator or aerator & regulator?

A tap spout is the very end of the tap where the water comes out. Most taps will have something fitted to the end of the spout (unless it is a very old tap) - it might come in the form of a a black plastic insert or a metal regulator. If you're unsure, feel free to send us a photo and we'll do our best to check for you.

What is a monobloc or single spout tap?

A monobloc or single spout tap is where the hot and cold water come out of the same single spout.

What is a Back Flow Prevention device and how does it work?

A back flow preventer is a safety valve which permits water to only flow in one direction and therefore prevents unwanted backflow of water in the opposite direction. Protection of potable (drinking) water against backflow contamination is part of the National Plumbing Code. The best example is a hand held shower over a bath – if you drop the shower head into bath water when the shower is working and you do not have a backflow prevention device fitted, then the dirty water could be sucked back up into your water system (back-siphonage). Our integral backflow prevention device ensures that this will not happen – see diagram below. This is particularly important for commercial applications, i.e. hotels.

Back Flow Prevention device: showing open valve

The water pressure exceeds the spring tension; the plunger is lifted off its seat allowing water to flow through the valve.

EDIP Back Flow

Backflow Prevention device: showing closed conditions

Condition Flow

If the pressure downstream of the valve increases (back pressure conditions) or if the system pressure upstream of the valve decreases (back siphonage conditions) causing the flow to reverse direction, the spring loaded plunger closes and prevents back flow from occurring.

How do I know if I need to install these packs in my home?

It could not be simpler…Place a 1 litre container under your washbasin tap spout and turn on the cold water to full for 5 seconds, if your container is filled over ½ a litre in 5 seconds then you have a flow rate in excess of 6 litres per minute and you will immediately benefit from using Every Drop Is Precious products. It is exactly the same test for your shower and kitchen tap, just point the shower head or kitchen tap into your container and turn on full.

Do I have to check every taps flow rate in my house?

Yes – to maximize your savings you will need to check your bathroom, cloakroom taps, showers and kitchen & utility taps – but it really doesn’t take very long at all!

Are the packs easy to install?

Yes! No plumbers or plumbing skills required! All packs are simple to install – we have designed complete packs, to make it easier for you! Have a look at our videos. In most instances you can unscrew your existing regulator by hand but if tight simply use a pair of pliers and a tea towel to protect the tap – it really is very easy! All packs include easy step-by-step fitting illustrations.

Why would I want to reduce my kitchen tap flow rate, if volume is required?

By using our kitchen “Auto Save/Quick Fill” aerator/regulator, you have the flexibility to select a higher volume of water as and when required. The tap will turn on in “Auto Save” mode for washing delicate salad leaves / soft fruit or rinsing crockery, and “Quick Fill” is available at the push of a button, for filling kettles or containers. This product also prevents unsightly and messy splashing with the added benefit of being easy clean, so if your tap spout normally builds up limescale all you have to do is simply wipe it away!

I can’t see/find anything on the ends of my taps?

Sometimes they look really small if you are unsure give us a call or send us an email with a picture and we can help you. Sadly, if there isn't anything fitted to the end of your tap then in order to save water, energy and money you will have to change your taps.

I’ve just moved into a new house with new taps – will these already have aerators & regulators?

Yes, the likelihood is that they will, BUT we still recommend you carry out the test, as the flow rates could still be VERY high and you may be surprised!

How do I know if the washbasin aerator & regulator will fit my tap?

The aerator & regulator comes complete with an adaptor to ensure it will fit BOTH male and female taps (24mm). 24mm is the standard width, but we also offer a 20mm aerator & regulator (male) for smaller tap spouts, but please do let us know if you have any problems. If your taps do NOT have a round spout (square or oval) then our aerators & regulators will not fit them.

Can I use the on/off shower head with an electric / pumped shower?

No, this is not recommended because the temporary shut off operation could force the water back up into the electric box, which is VERY dangerous.

I have low water pressure in my house / apartment, will the products still work properly?

Yes, our products are suitable for low pressure applications.

I’m not on a water meter, so how will I save money?

You will still save money on your energy bill, as using less water results in heating less water. Did you know that up to 25% of your heating bills comes from heating water? Not forgetting of course by using less water you are improving your green credentials!

Would I benefit switching to a water meter, is this difficult to do and I will be charged for this facility?

The majority of people believe that their water bill will be higher if they switch to a water meter – generally, this is not the case! Water companies are never going to under estimate your water bill! It’s actually very straight forward to organise and you aren’t normally charged for it (unless you choose to have the water meter positioned differently to where the water board will want to position it). Also, whilst you remain residing at the property if you find your bills are not any cheaper within the first year of installation then you can request to have the water meter uninstalled. We cannot be held responsible for any deviation to this policy which individual water authorities may have .i.e. for a couple living in a 2 bedroom house who’s monthly bill totals £50 per month, with a water meter installed this should lower your bill significantly to even as much as half this amount. Contact your local water board, listed below. BUT don’t forget your bills can be even lower when you fit Every Drop Is Precious products – why waste your money?!

I live in rented accommodation, so is it still worth me investing in these products?

Yes of course! As long as you keep the old products you can simply change them back again when its time to move on and fit them into your next home.

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