Kitchen Tap Aerator "Auto Save" & "Quick Fill" Push Button

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I love gadgets and am always on the look out for something that really works Review by Gadget girl
this is a cool product, it looks great, AND it does what it says it does. How refreshing! (Posted on 21/01/2013)
a very pleased customer Review by Francis
I have spent four years hateing my kitchen taps as they splash everywhere, and was in the proccess of changing my taps when I discovered this easy to fit aerater it is wonderful
well worth the money and it does what it says on the box (Posted on 14/12/2012)
Great product for controlling water pressure in the kitchen Review by Cath
This product has worked wonders for controlling our water pressure in the kitchen. The kids no longer cover themselves with water when filling drinks and can fill glasses without all of the juice splurting everywhere!! I like to rinse glasses and pans under running water rather than filling a bowl and I can do this now without feeling guilty! If we need a faster fill you can push in the button to revert to full speed fill. It looks classy and we are saving so much water in the process which when you have a water meter is great news! Here's to lower water bills and saving our water!! (Posted on 16/10/2012)
Really cool kitchen appliance! Review by Bish
this is my favourite new kitchen appliance is not something I would have thought of but a friend of mine told me about this product and I was intrigued. it really is well designed..and I would higly recommend it to anyone who likes gadgets that work! (Posted on 08/10/2012)
I'm absolutely delighted with this product... Review by S Thompson
I'm relieved to say I no longer get soaked and splash water all over the kitchen every time I turn on the kitchen tap! This extremely clever product took no time at all to fit and I'm thrilled with it. No more splashing!! (Posted on 11/09/2012)

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