Revolutionary "Quick to Fit" Shower Hose or Hosepipe Connector to a Mixer Tap (most bath mixers) AND A Tap Aerator all-in-one! (28mm Male & 24mm Male) - with NEW metal hose connector!

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Quick Overview

  • How do I fit a shower hose or hosepipe to my sink or bath mixer tap? With this terrific product! See fitting video here!

    x1 "Quick Fit" Tap Aerator AND x1 Hose Connector all-in-one! 
    Turn your round mixer monobloc tap (generally bath mixers, but also fits some kitchen or basin mixers too) into a great shower with one easy movement! To connect to a hosepipe aswell, just add the hosepipe adaptor to your order too.

    No more nasty rubber push on hoses that come off under pressure & leak!
    Easy to fit - simply screw the permanent tap aerator into your tap spout & screw the hose connector into your hose!
    * To connect a hose, simply secure it into the tap spout with one gentle push!
    The quality tap aerator allows normal tap functionality but with a perfect water stream!
    * Suitable for BOTH Male 28mm & Male 24mm tap threads (other size adaptors available too)
    The aerator adds air into the water stream to save water & energy, which saves you money!

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This product measures 28mm in diameter and is Male (thread on outside). The 28mm Adaptor comes pre-fitted  (screwed on to) to the 24mm Male Tap Aerator. This product generally fits bath mixer taps. Please do check the measurement of your tap regulator first though, by unscrewing your taps regulator and measuring the diameter (from the theaded end) from the far left to the far right (including any housing the regulator comes in) and directly across the centre - be aware they are a little tricky to remove & measure. If you require a 24mm (Male) or a 22mm (Female) connection, see here: 

This brilliant new product gives you a permanent tap aerator to ensure a perfect non splash water stream, and also the option to attach either a shower hose or a hosepipe. 

Simple to fit - simply unscrew your existing regulator found on the end of your tap spout and screw the new tap aerator one. Then when you want to use your shower hose in the bath, simply screw the white hose connector onto one end of your shower hose now push the hose connector into the tap aerator (new tap spout end) to secure it. See our fitting guide for more info. Please note: if you have a bath mixer tap where you are able to unscrew the regulator, then it will likely be limescaled and a little difficult to remove. We recommend using a tea towel and an adjustable spanner to avoid damage to the regulator and tap. Please also note that NOT all tap regulators can be unscrewed - it will depend on your type of tap. If you're not sure simply send us a photo asking for our help.

• Use your tap like normal with the option to quickly attach and detach a shower hose or hosepipe!
• Easy to fit screw on connections
• Suitable for most round, bath mixer taps but some kitchen and basin taps also measure this too, so please measure yours first
• Comes with a pre-fitted 28mm Male Adaptor to fit both Male 28mm and 24mm Male threads (unscrew the 28mm reducer to reveal the 24mm Male thread - other size adaptors also available)
• Product Length: 2.5cm (including the Male 28mm adaptor - please note the adaptor isn't seen as it sits inside the taps spout) - only 1.3cm can be seen
• Pitch 1mm (spacing on the thread), i.e. M24 x1 & M22 x1
• Tap Aerator water flow rate is 13.5 - 15 litres per minute (when tap is turned on fully) - other flow rates available, including a full flow rate tap aerator insert - select before check out.
• Quality Chromed Brass Tap Aerator Casing, so won't rust.
• Aerates/adds air into the water stream - feels lovely and makes bubble bath go further! 
Top Tip: If you're in rented accommodation, then make sure you keep the regulator you have unscrewed so you can replace it when you move out.

HOW TO FIT? (Easiest if you just watch our video - click here)
Simply unscrew your existing regulator found on the end of your tap spout and remove the existing rubber washer also, you may need to use a tea towel and a pair of pliers to loosen the regulator if your tap end is covered in limescale. If you're not sure if yours can be unscrewed send us a photo and we'll try and help. Now measure the diameter of the part you've removed (at the threaded end - the part that sits in or on the tap spout) and if it measures either 28mm as a Male product (threading on outside) or 24mm as a Male product (threading on the inside) then our tap aerator should fit your tap! Please note other adaptors sizes are available, i.e. 22mm Female. The product comes with the pre-fitted 28mm Male Adaptor, so if you require a 24mm Male product simply unscrew the 28mm Adaptor before fitting. Now, screw the new tap aerator into the tap end (tap spout) - you will probably need to use some rubber washers to ensure a water tight seal, and possibly even some PTFE tape which can be picked up from a hardware store for a few pence.

Then when you want to use your shower hose in the sink or bath, simply screw the white hose connector into one end of your shower hose, and then push the shower hose into the tap aerator (new tap end) with special casing, for a secure fit.

To fit a hosepipe onto the tap, simply screw the white hose connector into a Hozelock Adaptor 2041 (or equivalent product) and then slide the hosepipe onto the tap - see photo illustration above (remember to add the hosepipe adaptor to your basket for this option).
Please note there are some old fashioned taps that don't have any regulators on at all or some that have been suctioned on using a machine so won't have any screw thread, in which case sadly this product will not be suitable. We are currently working on a solution for old taps that don't have any regulators, please let us know if you wish to be kept updated.

Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.
Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.

Safety Advice for those with high water pressure in their homes, this advice applies to all those wanting to use our shower hoses and shower heads which have regulators fitted. 
  1. Products are suitable for use with normal household water temperatures. For safety and convenience do not use with water above 65C or with combined water pressures above 4 bar.
  2. Always take care when using hot water, especially with children. NEVER leave a child unattended in a bathroom.
  3. Always turn on the cold water first and then gradually add the hot until the desired temperature is achieved.
  4. Before fitting please ensure that the tap surfaces have been cleaned to remove any bath oil or soap residue.
  5. Do not connect directly to water heaters or combination boilers.
  6. Do not use with electric showers
  7. To ensure constant temperature and flow, avoid running cold water from other outlets during use  
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