If you are fed up of having a poor shower in your caravan, boat or motor home then this on/off thumb lever operated, water-saving shower head is for you! It looks great and is light weight, stylish and compact so it doesn't take up too much space.

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  1. Hand Held Shower Head with on off thumb lever only £19.99 by Every Drop Is Precious

    On/Off Thumb Lever Replacement Shower Head


    On Off Thumb Lever Shower Head:
    * Save water, energy & money with this clever eco shower head
    * Water comes on only when the lever is pushed down
    * Stylish chrome & light weight
    * Easy to fit (screws on) ~ fits all standard EU/UK shower hoses
    * Suitable for baths / showers / basins & hosepipes
    * No need to turn water off & on mid washing
    * To attach this shower head to a mixer tap have a look at the great value "Hair Wash Pack"
    N.B: Not suitable for electric or pumped showers
    Only recommended for use with a strong EDIP shower hose

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  2. 2m metal, extra long & strong shower hose by Every Drop Is Precious, only £24.99

    2m Strong Metal Shower Hose, Chrome


    * Extra long, 2m Metal Shower Hose

    * Brass Connections

    * Fits standard EU / UK showers

    * Chrome Colour

    * German manufactured

    * Free water saving regulator (can simply be unscrewed if not required)

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  3. Connect a shower hose directly to a 3/4" outside tap (screws on and off the tap)

    Connect a shower hose directly to a 3/4" outside tap (screws on and off the tap)


    How do I attach my shower hose to my outside 3/4" tap? 

    Simply screw this adaptor onto one end of your shower hose and then screw the complete product onto the outside tap.

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  4. Male 24mm Low Flow Stream Basin Tap Aerator 3.5 or 5l/min

    Low Flow "Stream" Tap Aerator, choose either: 1.7, 3.5 or 5 litres per minute (fits 24mm Male & 22mm Female spouts) - perfect for shallow hand basins.


    How do I stop my tap from splashing and making a mess? With this brilliant product!
    * 24mm Male and 22mm Female Stream Tap Aerator complete in quality chromed brass housing 
    * A low but effective water flow rate at only 3.5 litres per minute N.B: 1.7l/min to full flow also available
    * Saves water by aerating (adding air) preventing messy splashing and improving the flow!
    * Your tap will be like new in just 2 minutes - no need to replace your whole tap!
    * Excellent value for money with the added benefit of a quick payback!
    * Suitable for hard water areas as the nozzles are easy wipe clean.
    * Save water & energy = save money!
    Easy to fit - just unscrew your existing regulator (tap end) and screw on this new aerator
    Complete 1 piece - no fiddly bits and pieces!

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  5. Basin Mixer Tap, compatible with the Quick Fit Tap Aerator & Hose Connector

    Basin Mixer Tap (compatible with the "Quick Fit" Tap Aerator & Hose Connector)


    If you're looking to replace your basin mixer tap or want to be able to connect a shower hose or hosepipe to it, then this tap is for you!

    * Quality German Manufactured

    * Pre-fitted water & energy saving tap aerator (6 litres/minute) - a perfect water stream (or choose the "Quick Fit" tap aerator & hose connector)

    * Suitable for basins or utilities

    * Includes x2 braided hose connections

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  6. Y shape shower hose

    "Y Shape" Shower Hose (compatible with the "Quick Fit" Tap Aerator & Hose Connector)


    "Y Shape" shower hose (for use with the "Quick Fit" Tap Aerator to convert your hot & cold taps into a shower)

    * Easy slide in and secure connection to separate hot and cold round taps

    * Long hose measures 1.5m in length, connection hoses measure 32cm (inc connectors)

    * Stylish Silver/Grey Colour 

    * Standard 1/2" screw thread connections

    * German manufactured 

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  7. Oval Shaped, 3 Spray Hand Held Shower Head

    Oval Shaped, 3 Spray Hand Held Shower Head


    Stylish 3 Spray Oval Hand Held Shower Head

    Offers a wider surface area for great shoulder covering

    Simply twist the head of the shower to interchange water spray settings.

    Pre-fitted integrated back flow prevention device 

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  8. 5 Spray Water Setting Hand Held Shower Head by Every Drop Is Precious £22.99

    5 Spray Hand Held Shower Head


    * Stylish hand held shower head with 5 different spray settings.

    * Simply screws onto your existing shower hose

    * Standard EU / UK 1/2 inch connection

    * Comes complete with pre-fitted back flow prevention device

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  9. slide the shower hose onto the bath mixer tap by Every Drop Is Precious

    Revolutionary "Quick to Fit" Shower Hose or Hosepipe Connector to a Mixer Tap (most bath mixers) AND A Tap Aerator all-in-one! (28mm Male & 24mm Male) - with NEW metal hose connector!


    • How do I fit a shower hose or hosepipe to my sink or bath mixer tap? With this terrific product! See fitting video here!

      x1 "Quick Fit" Tap Aerator AND x1 Hose Connector all-in-one! 
      Turn your round mixer monobloc tap (generally bath mixers, but also fits some kitchen or basin mixers too) into a great shower with one easy movement! To connect to a hosepipe aswell, just add the hosepipe adaptor to your order too.

      No more nasty rubber push on hoses that come off under pressure & leak!
      Easy to fit - simply screw the permanent tap aerator into your tap spout & screw the hose connector into your hose!
      * To connect a hose, simply secure it into the tap spout with one gentle push!
      The quality tap aerator allows normal tap functionality but with a perfect water stream!
      * Suitable for BOTH Male 28mm & Male 24mm tap threads (other size adaptors available too)
      The aerator adds air into the water stream to save water & energy, which saves you money!

      * Discounts are automatically applied if you select more than 1 product *
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  10. 28mm Male to 24mm Male connection (adaptor / reducer for the 24mm "Quick Fit" Tap Aerator & Hose Connector all in one

    28mm Male Adaptor ~ Screws onto the 24mm Male Tap Aerator (For people who have the 24mm Quick Fit Tap Aerator)


    The 28mm Male (thread on outside) Adaptor or sometimes known as a Reducer is compatible with the 24mm Male "Quick Fit" Tap Aerator.

    Simply screw the 28mm Adaptor onto the 24mm Tap Aerator, then screw the complete product into a Female (threading on inside of the taps spout) 28mm round mixer tap.

    This adaptor is generally for customers who've already bought the 24mm "Quick Fit" adaptor but require a bigger thread diameter (28mm).  Generally suitable for bath mixer taps.

    If you require the complete product, click here

    To order this adaptor from our Amazon webshop, click here:

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