Pet Dog/Cat Washing Packs & Products - Less Mess & Stress!

Wash your dog/cat or pet with this brilliant on/off thumb lever Pet Wash Shower Head! Your animals will simply love this new experience, almost as much as you will! So easy to use, you simply push the lever for water to flow and release for the water to stop. Perfect for small animals such as cats and perfect for large animals such as dogs, as you can adjust the pressure of the water by using less/more pressure on the lever-perfect for those sensitive areas! No need to fuss with turning the taps on and off. You can choose to wash your pet by using a shower hose or hosepipe and with either WARM or cold water (although I suspect warm water would be preferred!). Please note that the packs are better value than ordering items individually. Any questions, please just drop us a mail or give us call - we'll be happy to help!