Outdoor Dog Wash Shower Pack (WARM water washing)

This pack includes everything that you need to wash your dog outside on a hose pipe with WARM or cold water:
x1 DOG WASH SHOWER HEAD (with on/off thumb lever)
x1 "Quick Fit" HOSE CONNECTOR & x1 PERMANENT TAP AERATOR (fits BOTH Male 24mm & Female 22mm round mixer tap threads. If you require a 28mm Male adaptor add before check out.
x2 HOZELOCK ADAPTORS (metal - 1 for the shower head and 1 for the tap connector)


* Easy, less mess & stress dog washing 
* Simply squeeze the lever to release water and release lever to stop - you control the flow and it's great for saving water!
* No need to keep turning your water on & off during washing - allows you to stay focused on your dog!
* The all-in-one "Quick Fit" Hose to Tap Connector & Aerator has 2 uses: is your permanent kitchen / utility / basin / bath mixer tap aerator & the special casing allows you to quickly connect a hosepipe & shower hose to it too!
* With this pack you can: connect the Dog Shower Head to your existing hosepipe for more controlled washing, and easily attach the other end of the hosepipe to either an outside cold water tap or an inside kitchen/utility/basin/bath mixer WARM WATER tap.
* Fits BOTH male & female 24 & 22mm round mixer taps as it comes with a clever metal adaptor.
Outdoor Dog Wash Shower Fitting Guide

The Outdoor Dog Wash Shower Pack contains everything that you will need to wash your dog outside with either warm or cold water with less mess & less stress. The Dog Shower Head has a clever on/off thumb lever,  a NEW all-in-one "Quick Fit" Hosepipe to Sink Or Bath Mixer Tap Connector (fits 24mm & 22mm) With Permanent Tap Aerator which enables you to quickly connect a hosepipe to a kitchen / basin / utility or bath mixer tap for outside WARM water washing AND gives you a permanent tap aerator fitting all in one!  Have a look at the new "Quick Fit" Connector - it really is brilliant!

Once fitted (and it's easy to do! just have a look at the fitting guide) just squeeze the lever on your Dog Wash Shower Head and you can wash and rinse your dog without the hassle of turning your tap(s) on and off, and having to re-adjust the temperature each time after it's first set. You can adjust the water flow by applying more or less pressure on the lever, and if you require even less pressure, then only turn your taps on half way. Brilliant way to save water and therefore money too! On 1st use only turn the tap on slightly to determine how strong the pressure needs to be. Perfect for home use, dog groomers and kennel maids! Includes WRAS approved eco components from R.C. Mannesmann GmbH.

The Outdoor Dog Shower Pack can be used on:
~ an outside tap for cold water washing 
~ an inside kitchen / utility / basin sink tap (round mixer) for WARM water washing (fits BOTH male & female tap spouts 24 & 22mm)
• Pre-fitted backflow prevention device (See FAQ’s tab for more information)
• Smooth, easy clean, stylish chrome effect
• 1/2 " standard UK/EU connection, see photo for dimensions
• The white Hosepipe Connector fits into the Permanent Tap Aerators' special casing when you want to connect a hosepipe to a sink tap
• Permanent Tap Aerator comes with a special casing to house a hosepipe when required - fits on a round mixer, either: kitchen / utility / basin / bath mixer tap (suitable for BOTH male & female 24/22mm tap spouts as it comes with a metal male/female adaptor) 
• Simple to fit and easy to use 
• The Permanent Tap Aerator creates a perfect water stream - an aerated (air added which saves you water and therefore money) straight, non-splash, non-drip water stream - it will feel like you have a brand new tap!

• Stylish, nickel plated brass
• Simple to fit
• 3/4" & 1/2" suitable for use with 95% of all outdoor taps, but includes a 1/2" adaptor for older taps.
• Strong, durable, scratch resistant and frost damage free
Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.
Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.
The Dog Wash Shower Head cannot be used as a permanent water stop, and has only been designed to give a temporary shut-off. It is important to always turn off the water after use, to avoid bursting. It is not a thermostatic controller and you may experience fluctuations in temperature, so please pay attention.
This Shower Head is NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers. The "Quick Fit" Hosepipe Connector & Aerator will ONLY fit a bath tap measuring 22 or 24mm in diameter. We anticipate a 28mm to be available very soon, so let us know if you want to be kept posted. If you intend to use the on/off lever Dog Shower Head on your shower indoors, please note it is NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers and we can only recommend the shower head is used with a quality Every Drop Is Precious shower hose.


Useful information: If your cold supply to the tap is mains fed and the hot is supplied from a hot water cylinder, when the shower head flow is stopped (when you let go of lever), you could experience the cold water flowing back into the hot cylinder. Do not panic this problem can be avoided by fitting a non return valve (or check valve) into the hot water delivery pipe.  (In more modern homes they may already be fitted.)  This is easily achieved by a competent DIY person or plumber and should take no more than 15-20 mins,happy dog washing!
  1. Puppy Shower Review by Mrs S Kempton

    I was surprised how small the shower head but it is very generous with water and efficient. I have large dogs and this works very well it's great to wash them with warm water outside. (Posted on 12/09/2013)

  2. great product Review by LP

    Does what it says on the tin :) Perfect for washing down my Yorkie in all weathers, great product. Handy that you can adjust the force at which the water comes out. These should be for sale in all good pet shops!! (Posted on 18/07/2013)

  3. Very cool! Review by Actuary By Day

    This brilliant Dog Shower has been such a relief for my 2 dogs in this weather. I've even used it to water my hanging baskets, but primarily it's for the dogs! Great way to keep the dogs cool in this hot weather, but great to know I can attach it to the kitchen tap for warm water rinsing when the weather changes - which will probably be next week knowing the British climate!
    Cheers. (Posted on 18/07/2013)

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