Indoor Pet Wash Pack - Perfect for BOTH Dogs & Cats!

This pack includes everything that you need to wash/shower your pet in the bath / shower / sink:
PET WASH SHOWER HEAD (with on/off thumb lever)
SHOWER HOSE (Choice of Satin Smooth or Quality Metal, 1.5 m,1.75m or 2m)
NEW all-in-one "Quick Fit" SHOWER HOSE TO KITCHEN / BASIN / BATH MIXER TAP CONNECTOR & PERMANENT TAP AERATOR (fits BOTH male & female 24 & 22mm round mixer taps, comes with a pre-fitted metal male/female adaptor)


* Easy, less mess & stress pet washing 
* Simply squeeze the lever to release water and release lever to stop - you control the flow and it's great for saving water! 
* No need to keep turning your water on & off during washing - allows you to stay focused on your pet!
* The all-in-one "Quick Fit" Shower Hose to Sink / Bath Mixer Tap Connector & Aerator allows you to quickly & easily attach a shower hose to your sink tap or bath mixer tap with just a gentle push! This clever device also doubles up as your permanent tap aerator which creates a perfect water stream whenever you want to use the tap. 
* For use on: a bath shower mixer / shower / kitchen, basin or bath mixer tap (N.B: NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers - you can substitute the on/off shower head for another of our quality shower heads)
Indoor Pet Wash Shower Pack Fitting Guide

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The Indoor Pet Wash Pack contains everything that you will need to wash your cat or dog indoors with less mess & less stress. The Pet Wash Shower Head has a clever on/off thumb lever which means the water only sprays when you want it to with the added benefit of being able to adjust the spray for those sensitive areas, just by applying more or less pressure on the thumb lever. A choice of 4 different quality shower hoses to choose from, either "satin smooth" which makes it easy for you to clean or quality metal which are slightly heavier than the smooth hoses. For smaller pets, our new all-in-one "Quick Fit" Shower Hose to Sink or Bath Mixer Tap Connector AND Permanent Tap Aerator enables you to quickly and easily connect up a shower hose to a kitchen / basin / bath mixer tap (round mixer, 24 or 22mm) for washing in a sink or bath!  This clever little device is ALSO your permanent Tap Aerator which means you'll have a perfect water stream when you're not busy washing your pets! Have a look, it really is brilliant, and exclusive to us!  "Quick Fit" Connector

Once fitted (and it's easy to do! just have a look at the fitting guide) just squeeze the lever on your Pet Wash Shower Head and you can wash and rinse your pet without the hassle of turning your water on & off, and having to re-adjust the temperature each time after it's first set. You can adjust the water flow by applying more or less pressure on the lever, and if you require even less pressure, then only turn your water on half way - you'll be saving more water and therefore money too! On 1st use only turn the tap on slightly to determine how strong the pressure needs to be. Perfect for home use, dog or cat groomers and kennel maids. Reduce the mess and stress of pet washing! Watch our Pet Wash Fitting Guide videos to see just how easy it is to fit and use this innovative pack! 

Includes WRAS approved eco components from R.C. Mannesmann GmbH.

N.B: On/Off Lever Pet Wash Shower Head is NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers, but it can be substituted for another of our quality shower heads.

The Indoor Pet Wash Shower Pack can be used as follows:
~ in a shower (N.B: NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers)
~ on a bath shower mixer
~ on a kitchen / basin / utility / bath mixer tap (round, mixer, fits either a male or female 24/22mm tap spout) with a shower hose connection 
• Pre-fitted backflow prevention device (See FAQ’s tab for more information)
• Smooth, easy clean, stylish chrome effect
• 1/2 " standard UK/EU connection, see photo for dimensions
• Choice of 1.5m, 1.75m or 2m (if you do require a different length, just ask!)
• Either: Satin Smooth Easy Clean (anti-limescale) or Quality Metal 
• Quality Brass Connections
• Standard EU / UK fittings
• The white Shower Hose Connector fits into the Permanent Tap Aerators' special casing when you want to connect a shower hose to a sink tap or bath/mixer tap
• The Permanent Tap Aerator comes with a special casing to house a shower hose when required - it fits on a round: kitchen / basin / bath mixer tap (suitable for BOTH male & female 24/22mm tap spouts as it comes with a metal male/female adaptor) 
• The Permanent Tap Aerator creates a perfect water stream - an aerated (air added which saves you water and therefore money) straight, non-splash, non-drip water stream - it will feel like you have a brand new tap!
• Simple to fit and easy to use
Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.
Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.

The Pet Wash Shower Head is NOT suitable for use with electric or pumped showers. On 1st Use ONLY turn the water on slightly to determine water flow.  It is important to always turn off the water after use, to avoid bursting your shower hose. We recommend that when this product is used indoors you use a quality Every Drop Is Precious shower hose (compliant with EN1113) which has been tested for use with the Pet Wash Shower Head. The shower head cannot be used as a permanent water stop and has only been designed to give a temporary shut off. Only suitable for use with normal household water temperatures, do not use with water above 65C or with combined water pressures above 4 bar. The shower head is not a thermostatic controller, it will only provide a temporary shut-off solution and cannot control water temperature fluctuations caused by your water heating system. If you also intend to use this product outside it must not be left attached to a hosepipe permanently, as it can be adversely affected by extreme changes of temperature. You may also only need to turn your outside tap on 1/4 of the way, as overly powerful pressure may cause the product to 'back spray', and may cause damage.

Safety Advice for those with high water pressure in their homes, this advice applies to all those wanting to use our shower hoses and shower heads which have water saving regulators fitted as well as lever operated items.
~ Products are suitable for use with normal household water temperatures. For safety and convenience do not use with water above 65C or with combined water pressures above 4 bar.
~ Always take care when using hot water, especially with children. NEVER leave a child unattended in a bathroom.
~ Always turn on the cold water first and then gradually add the hot until the desired temperature is achieved.
~ Before fitting please ensure that the tap surfaces have been cleaned to remove any bath oil or soap residue.
~ Do not connect directly to water heaters or combination boilers.
~ Do not use with electric or pumped showers
~ To ensure constant temperature and flow, avoid running cold water from other outlets during use.
Useful information: If your cold supply to the tap is mains fed and the hot is supplied from a hot water cylinder, when the shower head flow is stopped (when you let go of the lever), you could experience the cold water flowing back into the hot cylinder. Do not panic - this problem can be avoided by fitting a non return valve (or check valve) into the hot water delivery pipe.  (In more modern homes they may already be fitted.)  This is easily achieved by a competent DIY person or plumber and should take no more than 15-20 mins. Please do remember that your pet wash shower head is not a thermostatic product, we recommend you turn on cold tap first and then gently add hot water to desired temperature. Happy pet washing!

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  1. Excellent. Review by Theresa Whiston

    I wasted so much money trying to find a solution to bath my dogs in warm water I almost gave up. When this shower arrived I expected it to leak but it doesn't its just perfect. It also improved the water pressure. So pleased thank you. (Posted on 27/10/2015)

  2. Well worth the wait! Review by Gloria Watts

    Initially purchased this dog wash product some time ago however had to return it as the aerator was too small. I was so disappointed as it was the best thing I'd seen.
    Advised that the larger size aerator was due to in March '14.
    Eventually received my completed set and I can't describe how pleased I am. Really useful, not only for washing the dogs but also for shampooing my hair over the bath when I don't want to get in the shower.
    The service I received was excellent and I can't speak highly enough about the product or service.
    Thank you all at 'Every Drop is Precious' (Posted on 20/04/2014)

  3. Great purchase Review by Charlotte Rhodes

    This is a great shower head and perfect for washing our little puppy who doesn't like it when have to stop and adjust the water temp when turning the taps on and off! (Posted on 14/05/2013)

  4. great value for money product Review by boots

    I was not sure about buying this pack but was more than delighted when it arrived, such good quality products and great value..all of the items in it are great (Posted on 19/03/2013)

  5. My labs enjoy being washed now! Review by Tim Harries

    I have the pet wash attachment and our dogs really like having a bath now. It's great that I have the option to use both indoors and outdoors (when it's warm enough!). For some reason the attachment gives a good cleaning flow which is great, but doesn't knock them off their feet! I've also just discovered it's a great shower head to use on my boat too! (Posted on 30/01/2013)

  6. fabulous product .. Review by mrs gleeson

    such a great idea always had a problem with my sheepdog..but he loves the pet wash.. thank you (Posted on 02/11/2012)

  7. Makes dog washing much easier! Review by Jonathan Armstead

    Very pleased with this purchase. I have to wash my old Labrador quite regularly as he does tend to pong! Having more control with the shower head means it speeds up the washing, which can only be a good thing! I also use it on my 2 year old child who equally hates bath time! Save lots of water too, and as I'm on a water meter, will hopefully save me lots of cash in the long run....overall im a happy customer.
    (Posted on 23/10/2012)

  8. Dog-Tastic! Review by Lorraine - The Dog Walker

    Utterly brilliant and stylish device. This product was put to the test after 3 dogs had a very enjoyable but muddy walk together. It was extremely easy to use and being able to adjust the flow for sensitive areas like the face is genius. I can safely say it was less mess and less stress for the dogs and me! (Posted on 20/10/2012)

  9. Absolutely brilliant! Review by Barbara Hopkins

    I bought the Pet Wash pack and have used it twice now..... it's absolutely brilliant..... it's so easy to use and so much nicer for Milly Hopkins. Highly recommended and worth every penny! B xxx (Posted on 13/09/2012)

  10. Fantastic! Review by S Peck

    Great, innovative idea. Long over-due. Great for the dogs, great for my pocket, and great for the environment too. Trouble is, they will probably get bathed twice as much now! (Posted on 13/09/2012)

  11. Needed this product sooner!!! Review by N. Spencer

    What a cool gadget! Our dog Buster hated being bathed before....dont think he likes it now, but it speeds up the washing process and its so much easier to use than a regular shower head. My girlfriend also uses it to wash her hair with as it saves turning the taps off and on and having to adjust the temperature of the water. Cheers. (Posted on 12/09/2012)

  12. Pure genius! Review by Kim Webb

    This product has transformed washing for both my dog Bruno and I! So so so pleased with it! He's always rolling in stuff and so constantly needs washing - it saves so much time, water and messing around. Thank you. (Posted on 11/09/2012)

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