Shower Head with 3 Great Spray Functions Perfect Quality Replacement


Stylish & Contemporary 3 Spray Hand Held Shower Head with removable water saving regulator (3 adjustable spray pattern settings)

* Save up to 1/3 of your water bill and reduce your energy bill at the same time*

* Designed to work in hard water areas

* The best of buys as it comes complete with a FREE water saving regulator


This Quality shower head with 3 spray settings will look terrific in any bathroom with its contemporary mirrored sleek looks, it will also enable you to secure water and energy savings, and therefore money savings. Incorporating the latest German eco-technology, this shower head includes an integrated backflow prevention device, which means if you drop your shower head into bath water it won't be sucked back up into your water system.
The shower head will come with a water saving regulator which is housed in quality brass (so it's not a cheap plastic one thats likely to break!) which you simply have to screw onto the end of the shower head. The regulator will restrict the amount of water used per minute so if you have fluctuating water pressure there will be a constant flow depending on the type of regulator you fit (dependant upon the type of water heating system you have). In this case, you have the choice of 9 or 12 litres per minute. For high water pressure, we recommend the 9 litres per minute regulator, and if you have low water pressure we recommend the 12 litre per minute regulator. Please note, regulators are NOT suitable for use with electric or pumped showers. You will begin saving as soon as you have fitted and start using the shower head!  Happy Showering!   Includes WRAS approved eco components. 
• Integrated backflow prevention device (See FAQ’s tab for more information)
• 3 adjustable spray pattern settings: Soft Spray, Jet & Massage
• Easy Wipe Clean rubber nozzles - combatting limescale

Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.
Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.
Water saving regulators / restrictors are NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers. 


Now here are some fun facts about showering....Young boys are the worst offenders for taking lengthy showers: They spend an average of 10 minutes per shower. Women tend to multi-task in the shower: they brush their teeth, wash their hair and shave their legs! Men in the main seem to just drench. What about Teenage girls I hear you shout...well they do monopolise the bathroom but they come in second to the boys at 9.5 minutes a shower!   

  1. Great Shower Head Review by Magicbruno

    Got this shower head to replace my limescaled version as I live in a very hard-water area. Looking forward to saving on cleaning and money..... The shower head looks very stylish and is just as powerful as my old power shower head. (Posted on 07/04/2013)

  2. Saves on elbow grease! Review by Mrs Mop

    Previous purchased shower heads have all resulted in limescaled shower heads within about 4-6 weeks of use, which look unsightly and result in the water shooting over the top of the shower in different directions, due to clogging. I am really pleased with this one, as the shower head has easy wipe clean little nozzles which don't get clogged up and means no de-scaling shower heads for me! Looks professional too. (Posted on 21/01/2013)

  3. not much to say except good product and nice people! Review by K Woods

    Nice to deal with real people . they told me exactly what i wanted to know and they didn't lie! (Posted on 21/01/2013)

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