18mm Tap Aerator (Male thread)

How do I stop my tap from splashing and making a mess? With this amazing product!
* 18mm Tap Aerator complete in quality brass housing (Male external thread)
5l/min water flow rate, other flow rates from 1.7l/min to full flow, available upon request
Save water (up to 50%) and energy (by using less hot water), which saves you money!
This quality tap aerator allows normal tap functionality but with an improved, straight, non splash & non drip water stream!
Your tap will be like new in just 2 minutes - no need to replace your whole tap!
Excellent value for money, with the added benefit of a quick payback!
Suitable for hard water areas.
Easy to fit - just unscrew your existing regulator (tap end) and screw this on this new one!
Complete 1 piece - no fiddly bits and pieces!

How to Fit?
The Every Drop Is Precious 18mm tap aerator incorporates the latest German eco technology to ensure you secure water, energy and therefore money savings. The clever water-saving technology is housed in a chromed quality brass casing/housing ensuring a simple fit! No fiddly bits and pieces! All you have to do is unscrew your existing regulator (found at the end of your tap spout) and screw on this new one! Have a look at the 18mm Tap Aerator Fitting Guide or our videos to see just how easy Every Drop Is Precious tap aerators are to fit! Not only will this brilliant product save you water, energy and therefore money, but it will also ensure a non-splash, aerated (air added) straight stream of water and you will eliminate the possibility of a dripping tap! You will begin saving as soon as you have fitted and start using the product! Great for rentals - remember to keep the old regulators so you can take the new tap aerator when you leave! 
You'll have the added benefit of recouping the small cost of this product within just a few months of use! Perfect for both domestic and commercial applications alike! Includes WRAS approved eco components from R.C. Mannesmann GmbH.
Please note there are some old fashioned taps that don't have any regulators on at all or some that have been suctioned on using a machine so won't have any screw thread, in which case sadly this product will not be suitable. We are currently working on a solution for old taps that don't have any regulators, for tap ends that measure between 14mm and 18mm (Male) - if you're interested please let us know and we will send you some details.
• 5 litres per minute water flow rate (when tap is turned on fully)
Male (thread on outside) to fit a monobloc (single spout) female tap spout (thread on inside)
• 18mm diameter (measured thread side)
• Integrated aerator (see FAQ's tab for more information) 
• Quality Chromed Brass Tap Aerator Casing
• Easy to fit screw on connections
• Suitable for round, basin, kitchen, utility & some bath mixer taps (check the size of your tap end first as other sizes available - to see how, read info below) 
• Standard Pitch of 1mm (spacing on the threading), i.e. M18x1
• Product Length: 14mm (including screw thread which won't be seen as it sits inside the taps spout)

HOW TO FIT? Easiest if you just watch this video or look at this Fitting Guide
1. Unscrew your existing regulator found on the end of your tap spout, you may need to use a tea towel and a pair of pliers to loosen, if your tap end is covered in limescale. If you're not sure if yours can be unscrewed send us a photo and we'll try and help. 
2. Measure the diameter of the part you've removed (at the threading end - the part that sits in or on the tap spout, i.e. not the end where the water comes out) and if it measures 18mm as a Male product (threading on the outside) then this is the product for you! Please note other tap aerator sizes are available. 
3. Screw the new tap aerator into the tap end (with rubber washer). If you're struggling to achieve a water tight seal, then try wrapping a little PTFE tape around the threading on the tap spout -  it's like thin stretchy plaster and can be picked up for a few pence from a hardware store. 
Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.
Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.


  1. great all round Review by Jeremy Patterson

    After successfully fitting the 24mm aerator to my upstairs basin tap (think you call it the washbasin pack??), I was encouraged to change all the regulators in my taps at home in order to save some money and water. Got to say, it seems crazy that I havent done it sooner as its not exactly much of an outlay! My water doesnt spill over the top of the sink now when I turn the tap on full but its not like you can really tell youre using loads less water - so thank you, will be checking out the shower heads next! Guess these would be quite useful to fit in the office loos too. (Posted on 21/01/2013)

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