Expansion Adaptor 12mm - 16mm Male (fits round Female tap spouts without screw thread or irregular spouts)

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Can I fit a tap aerator to my old tap that doesn't have any screw thread? Yes, with this brilliant product!

x1 Expansion Adaptor to fit onto a threadless tap spout

Eliminate messy and wasteful tap splashing
Easy to fit - simply insert the expansion adaptor into the tap spout and screw the new tap aerator on!
To connect a shower hose, simply add the "quick fit" tap aerator and hose connector too!
The quality tap aerator allows normal tap functionality but with a perfect water stream!
Suitable for tap spouts that measure between 12-16mm
* Expansion adaptor fits onto a 22mm Female Tap Aerator
The aerators add air into the water stream to save water and energy which saves you money!

How to fit.

The Every Drop Is Precious expansion adaptor will allow you to attach a tap aerator (either a standard one or the quick fit tap aerator which also allows for a shower hose connection) to a tap spout that has a diameter of 12mm - 16mm. Perfect for those older taps which have no screw thread at all! No need to change your whole tap - creates a perfect water stream with no splashing or dripping. You'll save water & energy (use less hot water = use less energy!) and therefore money! Perfect for rentals, home owners and businesses! Incorporates the latest in German eco-technology and includes WRAS approved eco components from R.C. Mannesmann GmbH. 
• Expansion adaptor screws onto a tap aerator of your choice (has to measure 22mm Female)
• Easy to fit screw on connections
• Suitable for taps spouts with a diameter between 12-16mm
• Comes with 3 different rubber sleeves - select the size you need
• Pitch 1mm (spacing on the thread), i.e. M22x1
• Product Length: 1.5mm (visible part when fitted onto tap) 
• Works well with 3 Bar or less of water pressure 
• All tap aerators are housed in quality chromed brass casing
Easiest if you look at these fitting guides: 
Pictorial Fitting Guide: 
Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.
Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.

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