"Swivel, Stream & Spray" Kitchen Tap Aerator 24mm Male & 22mm Female

How do I stop my tap from splashing and making a mess? With this brilliant product!
24mm Male and 22mm Female Tap Aerator (unscrew the Male metal adaptor to reveal the Female thread)
Saves water by aerating (adding air) preventing messy splashing and improving the flow!
The "Stream" water flow setting enables you to fill kettles/containers.
The "Spray" water flow setting enables you to rinse salad leaves without needlessly wasting water.
The "Swivel" action enables you to rinse the sink more easily & accurately.
Suitable for both high and low water pressures 
* Easy to fit - just unscrew your existing regulator (tap end) and screw this on this new one
Your tap will be like new in just 2 minutes - no need to replace your whole tap!
Excellent value for money and a great product which really works!
Please note: Only suitable for "Single Flow" NOT "Dual Flow" taps - see photo.
The Every Drop Is Precious "Swivel Stream & Spray" Kitchen Tap Aerator will help you to save money & water in your home. This is done by reducing the amount of water you use and adding air into the water stream, which in turn actually improves the water flow! This brilliant product incorporates the latest German eco-technology and is suitable for a monobloc (single spout), single flow (water mixes in the spout, i.e: doesn't have a seperate hot water pipe in the middle) round mixer tap - perfect for your kitchen or utility room! It's easy to fit - simply unscrew your existing regulator (found at the end of your tap spout) and screw on this new one - it will be like having a brand new tap, with this great new feature! Even expensive & brand new taps can be fitted with inexpensive and ineffective tap ends from China! So, don't change your whole tap - just change the end of it! Have a look at our videos, to see just how easy it is to fit!
The handy swivel or rotating action makes it easier to rinse down the sink and with a choice of stream & spray water settings (gently twist to switch between water settings) makes it perfect for both rinsing delicate salad leaves and filling kettles. You'll be saving money, by saving water and energy (use less hot water = use less energy) as the spray setting uses less water, and let's face it the majority of us mostly use the kitchen tap to wash our hands, wipe down the surfaces, and rinse food stuffs etc, all of which can be performed on the spray setting of this brilliant kitchen tap nozzle.
If there isn't much space between your tap spout and your basin then you may prefer to install a shorter kitchen tap aerator - visit the "Tap Products" tab of the website to discover which works best for you.
N.B: If you're not sure if your tap end has a regulator then feel free to send us a photo of your current tap end, and we'll do our best to help. 
Also, there are some old fashioned taps that don't have any regulators on at all or some that have been suctioned on using a machine so won't have any screw thread, in which case sadly this product will not be suitable. We are currently working on a solution for old taps that don't have any regulators, for tap ends that measure between 14mm and 18mm (Male) - if you're interested please let us know and we will send you some details.
• Rotates to enable sink rinsing
• Integrated aerator (adds air into the water stream)
• Comes complete with chrome housing
• Product Length: 5.5cm (without Male Adaptor) and 6.1cm (with Male Adaptor)
• Comes with a metal adaptor to make it suitable for both Male & Female tap threads
• Easy to fit screw on connections
• Suitable for round, basin, kitchen, utility tap ends (check the size of your tap end first as other sizes available - to see how, read info below) 
• Standard Pitch of 1mm (spacing on the threading), i.e. M24x1 
HOW TO FIT?  Easiest if you just watch this video or look at this Fitting Guide
1. Unscrew your existing regulator which will be found at the end of your tap spout (you may need to use a tea towel and a pair of pliers to loosen, if your tap end is covered in limescale).
2. Measure the diameter of the part you've removed (at the threading end - the part that sits in or on the tap spout, i.e. not the end where the water comes out) and if it measures 24mm as a Male product (threading on the outside) or 22mm as a Female product (threading on the inside), then this is the product for you! Please note other tap aerator sizes are available. 
3. Now screw the new tap aerator into the tap end (with rubber washer). The product will come with a metal Male to Female adaptor already screwed onto the tap aerator so if you don't need it just unscrew it to take off. It will come with a couple of spare rubber washers too. If you're struggling to achieve a water tight seal, then try wrapping a little PTFE tape around the threading on the tap spout -  it's like thin stretchy plaster and can be picked up for a few pence from a hardware store. 
Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.
Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.

  1. 2nd one of these, much better than the cheapies Review by John Miller

    2nd one of these, much better than the cheapies (Posted on 27/10/2015)

  2. The in thing to buy Review by Jeff Burton

    At last no more splashes. very useful attachment. Definitely to be recommended, full control on the flow of water.Spray activates your washing up liquid really well .less liquid required (Posted on 02/12/2014)

  3. robust Review by Robert Clay

    Did the job, difficult to know what else to say about a tap aerator. But seems very robust and spare seals/gaskets provided. (Posted on 11/11/2014)

  4. Item exactly as stated, fast delivery great purchase Review by Kim Swallow

    Item exactly as stated, fast delivery great purchase (Posted on 11/11/2014)

  5. Goods received in good time and condition. Review by Michael Brock

    Goods received in good time and condition. Easy fitment and as described. Replacement for a cheaper and inferior make well happy with purchase. (Posted on 01/04/2014)

  6. Pleased Review by Margarida Ridd

    Fits very well and has made a huge difference on how I wash the dishes. (Posted on 25/02/2014)

  7. Thank you Review by G Higgs

    Thank you for the speedy delivery of my swivel tap aerator. It fitted perfectly to my tap (purchased from a well known supplier which had no similar fittings in stock and was not able to source any) and does a fantastic job. It lives up to your claims and more and is worth every penny.

    Thanks again

    G Barry Higgs
    (Posted on 10/01/2014)

  8. World Class Review by I Muir

    World class customer service: ordered yesterday afternoon, arrived this morning. Product works perfectly, saving us hundreds of pounds by not having to change a new bathroom installation. (Posted on 06/01/2014)

  9. Pleased Review by Dave Robinson

    Solid Unit (Posted on 12/09/2013)

  10. Not cheap but.... Review by R.Keirnan

    I bought a nice tap for the kitchen and wanted to control the excessive splash now this item is not cheap and I was hesitant to basically pay 4 times the amount for an item that I have owned before, my experience of the cheaper item is that they work fine but I found the pull push operation a bit clunky, so why spend 4 times the amount this time? well because its 5 times better.
    It looks like its part of the tap rather than a £4.99 add on, it feels nice to use and my wife was simply delighted to see it.
    If you are not sure about spending so much on a tap sprayer, I would say if you like nice things spend the money as you will use it everyday and its a pleasure to use - the cheap version is just functional and a little annoying, personally I would happily spend the difference not to have 'a little annoying' every day. (Posted on 14/05/2013)

  11. Does exactly what it says and feels like quality Review by Gladone

    Having had 5 of this type of product I am most happy with this one. (Posted on 19/03/2013)

  12. So glad I have found a swivel tap for the kitchen that actually works Review by Davey

    Was cynical about this until it arrived and now I am very happy, it was simple to install and makes washing up so much easier. thank you every drop (Posted on 19/03/2013)

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