Why Every Drop Is Precious?

Because you can:


We all want to save money! By using Every Drop Is Precious products you can do exactly that. If you live in a water metered home then it is a simple equation of the less water you use, the less money you pay for it. So if you take your water consumption down from 24 litres per minute to 6 litres per minute...

on a washbasin fitting, then you will save over 50% on that specific utility point! If you multiply that out and include your shower, other washbasin taps and kitchen tap then you could save a considerable amount of money. An added bonus, we estimate that you will be able to recoup the cost of any one of our packs within 3 months. Even if you do not have a water meter then you will still save money as you will save on your heating bill. “With up to 25% of an average households energy bill being directly related to the heating of water” you can see that the less hot water you use, the less you will be paying!

If you have not changed your tap(s) or shower(s) recently then the likelihood is that you will be needlessly wasting large volumes of water. So, by simply unscrewing your existing fittings and replacing with ours, you will immediately start saving water. In many cases, as much as 50% of the water you would have previously used...

via that outlet. So how do our products work and how do you know if you need them? Simple! Have a look at our videos (see video tab). Water is a precious and scarce commodity, yes, even though it seems to be raining all the time! Many parts of the country have precariously low ‘ground water’ levels, particularly the South East and London. We are passionate about providing you with products that not only save water but are also stylish and useful and won’t compromise your experience.

You can save energy by conserving water! Conserving water is an important part of the overall energy conservation cycle. Have you ever thought about how much energy it takes to clean and then deliver water to your home? Water typically requires treatment prior to use and on its return to the environment...

it is pumped and pressurised to reach our homes. All of these activities require energy and therefore result in greenhouse gas emissions. The water industry contributes 0.8% of annual UK greenhouse gas emissions. However, the emissions that result from heating water in the home, increases this figure to 5.5% (Environment Agency report). So, every time we save water we also save energy.

Be smart and fit the best commercial water and energy saving, retro-fit products today. They are perfectly suited for you, whatever your business, Financial, Government, Education, Healthcare, Hotels and Leisure,Care in the Community, Retail etc. Improve your sustainable credentials today whilst recouping your capital outlay within months...it is a no brainer! See our beautiful stream options:

Straight Stream Tap Aerator Every Drop is Precious Aerated Tap Water Stream Every drop Is Precious Tap Spray Aerator Every drop Is Precious