Save up to 50% Off Your Water & Energy Bill

By fitting our water saving tap ends, you will immediately begin to save money, by saving water and energy

So, stop that annoying dripping tap by simply changing the tap end (tap aerator).

Make your taps look new by changing the tap end/aerator - this is particularly good if the end of your tap is lime scaled.

Turn your kitchen or utility tap into a swivel tap by simply replacing your existing tap end (aerator) with a kitchen swivel tap aerator.

Turn your mixer (kitchen, bath, basin, utility or even garden!) tap into a shower with our amazing “quick fit” tap aerator product! And if you incorporate our clever on/off thumb lever shower head too you can wash your hair or dog easily over the basin or bath!

Whether you need toconnect up a hose to an internal tap (perfect for washing your dog outside with warm water or water the plants or fill up the paddling pool) or just pretty up your internal taps check out our great range or give us a call or drop us a mail, we are always happy to help.