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About Us

In 2012, after helping to launch luxury Japanese brand TOTO, manufacturers of washlets and state of the art electronic Toilet Bidet Seats, into the UK, Tamsin Johnson founded Every Drop is Precious (EDIP). Tamsin has extensive knowledge of new environmental technologies and works closely with her manufacturers in creating innovative new products. She has the exclusive UK distribution rights for the German manufactured Lavalino Bidet Toilet Seat amongst other products including eco water-saving retro-fit devices. A fundamental aim of EDIP is to save organisations & consumers considerable amounts of money, water, and energy, whilst being environmentally conscious.

Our ingenious retrofit water-saving products (up to 50% once fitted) also save you energy (heating water can be up to 25% of your energy bill) but importantly saves you money!

Whether you are a consumer, SME or the NHS we can take the headache out of water and energy conservation. You can expect to recoup the cost of your products on average between 6-12 months after fitting. Simply fit these products and enjoy the benefits!

You can save up to 40% off your utility bills. If you have: basins, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, or cloakrooms in your building(s) then we can immediately help you save money as well as increase your sustainability credentials.

With products that have been specifically designed for every business sector: commercial, financial, healthcare, education, hotel & leisure, retail, etc, all of which can be installed without loss of 'space' or 'letting' time. It’s a no brainer – drop me a line today: 07595 824 311

Tamsin Johnson Every Drop Is Precious