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Looking for the best water saving devices for taps, showers and more?

We’re a family company selling innovative gadgets online since 2012.

We can help reduce the water you use by up to 50%.

This saves you money, even when you’re not on a water meter, as heating water can account for up to 25% of your energy bill.

What's more, our products just make life easier – be that filling up the paddling pool with warm water or rinsing out hair dye in a sink.

What we do

Every Drop Is Precious takes the headache out of water and energy conservation

Working with our suppliers in Germany, Switzerland and beyond, we create the ingenious retrofit products. These transform the water use of our customers, from homeowners to hairdressers, hotels to care homes.

Everything is tested by us first, literally in house, in the home of our founder Tamsin. Plus we’re always on the lookout for the next water-saving technological breakthrough.

Hello from our founder Tamsin

“You know those all-singing, all-dancing Japanese toilets? I helped launch a brand of these engineering wonders in the UK.

Tamsin Johnson Every Drop Is Precious

I became pretty good at navigating the jargon-drenched world of plumbing, but was stumped when trying to join two shower hoses together at home. After much Googling, I tracked down the widget. Which went by the bizarre name of a ‘hex nipple’!

Whilst visiting family in South Africa during a severe drought. Our water ration was just 50 litres of water a day. That’s three minutes under a power shower. After that, it just felt wrong to squander such a precious resource.

But it was hard to track down quality water saving devices for taps. That’s when we decided to set up Every Drop Is Precious. Our aim is to make clever plumbing solutions accessible to everyone.

P.S. We do feature a hex nipple, but have called it a shower hose to shower hose connector instead!”

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Take a look at our water saving devices for the home, garden, pet care, travel - such as for boats and caravans, and hair care.

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Pet wash shower head pack Every Drop Is Precious

What our customers say

blue stars

“One of the best things I have bought for ages which actually makes something quicker and easier.”

blue stars

“No hassle, dead easy to do, transformed what would have been a costly job”

blue stars

“Great device ... Clever design ... Such an easy and inexpensive solution”