Tamsin Johnson In Conversation #2 With Jill Thompson

Tamsin Johnson In conversation with Jill Thompson

Welcome to the 2nd of 10 “In Conversations” with Jill Thompson (Co-Founder of Every Drop Is Precious) and Tamsin Johnson (Co-Founder and Owner of Every Drop Is Precious).  Why Every Drop Is Precious started In this video, we chat about how and why Every Drop Is Precious started, nearly 10 years ago. We discuss the changes…

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Tamsin Johnson In Conversation #1 With Sarah Bates

Tamsin Johnson In conversation with Sarah Bates

Welcome to the 1st of 10 “In Conversations” with me, Tamsin Johnson, owner of Every Drop Is Precious. 10th anniversary, rebranding, water saving and more… To celebrate the lead up to the companies 10th anniversary  on 7th February 2022 Sarah Bates, Every Drop Is Precious’ Graphic Designer, joined me to chat about why and how we rebranded Every…

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Heatwave Water Usage Up by 44 Litres Per Person

UK Heatwave With all this lovely weather at the moment in the UK, people are using on average up to 44 litres MORE than usual. Resulting in? You’re likely to spend more money on your water bill! The solution? Fit Every Drop Is Precious tap aerators and shower regulators today! With the added benefit of…

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Simple Ways to Save Money When Renting

drops of water

Free Ways Simple and free, these quick and effective tips are perfect for those on a budget. The oldest trick in the book, turning down the thermostat by 1C can help save as much as £60 per year. After a week, you won’t even notice the difference! Simple yet effective, wearing more layers such as…

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How to Treat Your Pet

Dog Wash Shower Head

What is Available? At a glance UK supermarkets sell over 120 ‘dog treats and biscuits’ and over 50 products listed as ‘cat treats and milk’. If pets could do their own shopping, they would probably be lost for choice like many owners tend to be. For dogs there are biscuits, chews and pure meat products…

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What Makes Our Products Special?

Kitchen Tap Aerator

They Incorporate the Latest Water Saving German Eco-technology… This means that we can provide a vast array of products suitable for the commercial and domestic sector. With tap aerator and regulator sizes ranging from 16mm to 24mm and with flow rates as low as 1.7 ltrs / min ranging all the way up to 12…

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Face Lift Your Bathroom Or Shower Room For Under £150

Wall Mounted Shower Bracket

Facelift Tips & Ideas Number one tip: Set aside some time and begin your makeover by putting on some rubber gloves  and giving it a really good clean! Pay particular attention to the grout you will be amazed at what a difference cleaning your grout can make (Tips on grout cleaning). Secondly make sure you…

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Can Water Prevent Heart Attacks?

healthy water

Very Important Information from a Cardiac Specialist The correct time to drink water Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body: 2 glasses of water after waking up – helps activate internal organs 1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal – helps digestion 1 glass of water before taking…

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Energy Crisis Threatens UK

energy crisis threatens uk

Blackout Danger for Businesses The gap increases the danger of blackouts for businesses as the safety cushion of spare electricity becomes dangerously slim. The risks have been heightened by a number of polluting power stations due to close by April, which is much sooner than expected. The four plants, plus one that has already shut,…

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