The Churchill Hotel in York Goes Green!

Churchill hotel york goes green

The Churchill Hotel Becoming More Water & Energy Efficient

John Wallace, the General Manager of The Churchill Hotel is delighted to announce that he has taken yet another step towards making The Churchill Hotel more water & energy efficient.

John has had installed throughout the hotel, some very clever water-saving devices from a local company called Every Drop Is Precious  These have reduced his water output by approximately a half (per outlet) along with his energy bills which will also reduce as he doesn’t have to heat as much hot water.

John was delighted with the quick, efficient & cost effective solution that Every Drop Is Precious presented. They not only provided the products but also installed them and within 2 hours, without any disruption or the need to close any rooms. Great service!


Before water saving

Splashing & messy with a very high flow water stream (approximately 20 litres per minute) with dirty regulators clogged up with limescale

John says “Our sustainability profile is important to us and being able to implement such a simple solution which pays back within a couple of months just makes plain sense!”

Jill Player-Bishop & Tamsin Johnson, owners of Every Drop Is Precious are delighted that The Churchill Hotel has so whole heartedly embraced the important issue of water & energy saving, and that John was able to see the financial benefit as well as the environmental benefit of taking this action. We look forward to other businesses in the region taking up the challenge to save water & energy along with reducing their fixed overheads!


After water saving

Unscrewing old regulator.Tap with new aerator & regulator, then timing 10 seconds with tap fully on. Results in a much lower, aerated &straight water stream (6 litres per minute) which is non-splash and includes self clean & anti-lime technology!

Churchill Hotel York Delighted With Water Savings

The Churchill Hotel changed almost all of their tap fittings to Every drop Is Precious fittings and have saved approx half of their water usage from each unit.

The process was painless, with no room closures being necessary and the capital employed has already been recovered.