Focusing on a Precious Resource

Helping people and organisations save water

A New Eco Business is Aiming to Help People and Organisations Save Water

Every Drop Is Precious is the brainchild of Jill Player-Bishop of Boston Spa and Tamsin Johnson of York, and offers consumers easy-to-fit packs designed to save water, money and energy in the home, garden and businesses.

The idea for the packs came about after Jill was approached by the German company Mannesmann to distribute its water-saving components exclusively in the UK. Recognising that the average person might be put off by having to install such components, she came up with the idea of integrating them into products such as shower heads and taps.

“Many people believe that water-saving devices are complicated, irrelevant and difficult to install, and often do not appreciate the benefits”, said Jill, 52.

“With Every Drop Is Precious, we put the components into products that everyone can understand, such as a shower head and hose. Our simple packs not only save water (up to 50 per cent once fitted) and energy (heating water can make up as much as 25 per cent of your household’s energy bill) but also take the headache out of the process as all of the ‘clever’ bits are integrated into the finished products.”

She added: “A lot of the products that are available tend to be in component parts so nobody’s really put it together in a consumer pack like we have.”

Each pack has been designed and branded by Jill and Tamsin, who self-funded the business.

Tamsin, 30, said: “We created these packs from our perspective. The products are designed so you don’t notice that you are cutting down on your water usage.

“We’ve tried to make saving water as consumer-friendly as possible. There are even some simple videos on our website starring us and my dogs!”

The packs include one for the bath/shower room, one for the washbasin and kitchen, one for people with sensitive skin, and a ‘pet wash’.

Jill and Tamsin have many years experience in plumbing and manufacturing, as well as an extensive knowledge of new environmental technologies. They met when Jill was the UK general manager of Toto, the largest sanitary ware manufacturer in the world, and Tamsin was her PA, before being promoted to sales manager.

As exclusive UK distributors for Mannesmann’s water-saving technology, Jill and Tamsin are also selling the individual components to the commercial market, specialising in the healthcare sector.

Jill and Tamsin’s background

Jill’s varied career includes working on a luxury yacht and running an outside catering company. In 1998 she joined Twyford Bathrooms, moving to Kohler as business development director in 2000. She was MD of Classical Flagstones, a director at Polypipe, and a business consultant, before becoming the UK general manager of TOTO.

Tamsin worked as a care assistant, nanny and in car sales. She was Jill’s PA at Toto, later becoming retail sales manager.

(Published in: Wetherby News, Harrogate Advertiser, Knaresborough Post, Ripon Gazette & Nidderdale Herald
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Business Section, Thursday 23rd August 2012 – By Katie Oxtoby (Business Editor)