How to Treat Your Pet

Dog Wash Shower Head

What is Available?

At a glance UK supermarkets sell over 120 ‘dog treats and biscuits’ and over 50 products listed as ‘cat treats and milk’. If pets could do their own shopping, they would probably be lost for choice like many owners tend to be.

For dogs there are biscuits, chews and pure meat products such as bones, tripe sticks and pigs ears. There are also products with no meat including specially formulated chocolate. For cats there is a wide range of poultry and fish themes products, from crunchy and soft centred snacks, to specially formulated milks low in lactose. It’s a good idea to limit snacks and include them as part of a healthy diet.

Handmade Treats

Pet owners can make their own treats, allowing them to monitor what their animals are eating. Perfect for animals with specific dietary requirements, there is a plethora of recipes incorporating every animal’s favourite food. Handmade treats tend to be cheaper in the long run too, especially if ingredients are bought in bulk.

Making homemade treats also allows owners to incorporate some variety into the diet of an animal, something that is crucial considering some animals –especially cats- can be fussy about what they eat. Nothing says love like a handmade treat!

Why Showers?

Some animals have aversions to water, whether it is the shower, a bath or the tap. However, some animals adore water more than you would think. This can be dogs, cats and every other pet in-between.

Take these Japanese Dachshund’s who have been shown to relish the shower and bath experience. Sometimes they even have both at once! For animals that love water, a pet shower head or bathing system is the ideal treat and it also makes a pet picture perfect moment.

Pet Washing

Perfect for small animals such as cats, and large animals such as dogs, pet washing devices are ideal to adjust water pressure. Using a shower hose or hosepipe with either warm or cold water, they are ideal for the hard to reach, sensitive areas. They can be used indoors or outdoors depending on how big your furry friend is!

How do you like to treat your animals? Do they like anything unusual or interesting? We want to hear from you, speak to us on social media!