Novotel Goes Blue With Every Drop Is Precious

Novotel goes blue with every drop is precious

Novotel Saving up to 30% of Water Usage Per Tap

Christophe is delighted with the fact that he will now be saving up to 30% of his water usage per tap in the Novotel. Christophe explained that the Accor group (who own the Novotel) have launched an environmental initiative called Planet and as part of that initiative they are taking the conservation of water very seriously. Not only as an environmental imperative but also as a cost saving one ’when someone comes to you with such a simple and cost effective scheme how can you say no, we expect to recoup our capital repayment within a couple of months and it is nice to be able to support a local company.’

Ian Pickard the facilities manager at the hotel explained there are 5 levels of cost in providing water to the hotel:

  • Initial purchase from the waterboard
  • Adding salt to soften the water
  • Chlorinating the water for safety
  • Heating the water
  • Getting rid of the water as waste

So he was very pleased when he saw how easy it was to achieve a third saving without compromising the guest experience. He was further won over to the idea when he realised that the products from Every Drop Is Precious had self cleaning and anti-limescale properties. ‘Hard water and scaled up taps are a problem for a lot of our hotels so this is a most welcome bonus.