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Tap Aerators

Our quality tap aerators & regulators will help you to save money, energy & water in your home or business and actually improve water streams.

Gone are the days where you would turn the tap on and be splashed or soaked! Most people don’t know it’s possible to change or improve your taps flow and think that the only way to achieve a better stream of water is to buy a new tap! It’s not true!

A lot of expensive and swanky taps still deliver a high volume of water resulting in wasteful, annoying & messy splashing. Turn your tap into a new feature with one of our great products. See video section to see them all in action!

Sizes range from 16mm to 28mm. Different flow rates available upon request. We even have a solution for thread less Female tap spouts (12-16mm) – check out the expansion adaptor under Accessories tab.

Every Drop Is Precious!