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100% Cotton Face Mask for Adults and Children

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  • Manufactured using 3 layers of 100% pure cotton.


  • White.

Easy to fit:

  • Simply tie the adjustable straps behind the head or ears.

Suitable for:

  • Use within the community for both children (pleats stay folded for smaller children) and adults


  • Reusable design – wash on at least 60 degrees in a domestic washing machine but can withstand a 90 degree wash


  • Reduces spread of infection by slowing down both air and saliva from your breath.
  • Recommended for use in conjunction with social distancing along with regular and thorough hand washing to protect both yourself and your community.

N.B: This face mask is a hand made mouth and nose covering, not a medical respirator. The product does not comply with an FFP standard and is not certified or otherwise tested. Wearing the mouth covering does not protect against respiratory infections. At most it can reduce the risk of pathogen transmission to others. No guarantee is given for this. It is scientifically recommended to wear it close and to replace it regularly when it is wet.


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