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16mm Female tap aerator

16mm Female tap aerator


This quality tap aerator allows normal tap functionality but with an improved, straight, non splash & non drip water stream! Your tap will be like new in just 2 minutes – no need to replace your whole tap! Easy to fit – just unscrew your existing regulator (tap end) and screw this on this new one!

  • Measures 16mm in diameter with a Female internal thread.
  • Solid chromed brass casing with a quality aerator insert and rubber washer.
  • Saves you water (upto 50%) by adding air into the water stream whilst preventing messy and wasteful splashing.
  • Suitable for a single mixer tap spout (mono bloc) with a Male external tap thread.
  • German manufactured so rest assured the product will last (not from China!)
  • 5l/min water flow rate, other flow rates available upon request.
  • Complete 1 piece – no fiddly bits and pieces!


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