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Connect a Hosepipe to a Mixer Tap

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The best way to attach a hosepipe to an indoor mixer tap

Perfect if you need cold or WARM water outside to wash your pets, car or fill the paddling pool!


  • x1 hozelock adaptor and x1 “quick fit” tap aerator and hose connector
  • Use your tap like normal with this brilliant product and then easily attach and detach a hosepipe (or even a shower hose)
  • Once you’ve fitted the aerator (easy to do – just screw into the tap spout), you simply screw the hose connector into your existing hosepipe and slide the hose into the tap aerator casing and away you go!
  • Tap aerator includes all of these standard sizes: 28mm Male, 24mm Male and 22mm Female (other adaptor sizes available under “Accessories”)

Parts included:

  • x1 24mm Male Tap Aerator (with special casing to house the hose connector so you can slide the hose on and off the tap)
  • x1 Hose Connector (comes pre-fitted to the tap aerator above, easy to remove once fitted to the tap)
  • x1 28mm Male adaptor
  • x1 22mm Female Adaptor
  • x1 Hozelock 2041 hosepipe part (screw the hose connector into the white female part of this product)

3 reviews for Connect a Hosepipe to a Mixer Tap

  1. Review

    The product arrived on time in good condition and was as described. Of very good quality and should last for years. I live in an upstairs flat and it appeared to be just what i needed to water the garden etc.

  2. Johnson

    P. Davies
    5.0 out of 5 stars It’s worth paying for this quality & certainty so not cheap
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 June 2018
    Verified Purchase
    You do have to ensure the fitting to the tap is tight so that the seals provided are squeezed tight so preventing any fine water spray. The fitting that connects to the hose simply slides into the fitting that is now always attached to my tap and it works everytime with no leaks at all. This fitting solution is not cheap but you are paying for quality and certainty, that this will work everytime and should transfer to any new tap in the future hence I consider this a one off purchase because it should last a lifetime (I sincerely hope). Highly recommend just ignore the price because you will forget it quickly once you have this fitting and experience how reliable and easy it is.

  3. Johnson

    Andrew Sutcliffe
    5.0 out of 5 stars Great little product
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 June 2019
    Verified Purchase
    You know when you buy some device/gadget/easy fix solution and it looks great and when it arrives it’s just useless? Well this is the opposite. Instant easy solution to a problem with my new rented house; no outside tap. Comes will all the bits and various size fittings, fixed it on the kitchen mixer tap in less than a minute. No leaks. Attached a Hozelock hose and water in the garden! Not cheap, but total quality manufacture and looks like it’ll last forever! Total recommendation.

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