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Hair Wash Pack, includes: x1 quick fit tap to shower aerator and hose connector, x1 shower head and x1 shower hose

Hair Wash Pack, includes: x1 quick fit tap to shower aerator and hose connector, x1 shower head and x1 shower hose


Perfect for washing hair in the shower, bath, basin or kitchen sink: Turn on the water, then push the thumb lever on your Hair Wash Shower Head to rinse your hair and release the thumb lever to stop the water flow – saves the hassle of turning your taps on and off mid washing. Once you’ve finished washing your hair remember to turn off the water / tap(s)!

You can adjust the water flow by applying more or less pressure on the thumb lever – this is a great feature for when you are rinsing around the eye area, as you can be really gentle. If you require even less water pressure, then only turn your tap(s) on half way.

Perfect for home use, hairdressing salons and mobile hairdressers! On 1st use only turn the taps on slightly to determine how much water pressure is required and please remember to turn off your tap(s) after use.


x1 Shower Head, x1 Shower Hose and x1 Quick Fit Tap Aerator and Hose Connector (fits 28mm Male, 24mm Male or 22mm Female tap spouts) N.B: If you require a Y shape shower hose for separate hot and cold taps, an additional quick fit tap aerator will be included with your order.

You may also want to add our Wall Mounted Shower Bracket to hold the shower head and/or a Hozelock 2041 so you can also attach a hosepipe to your tap for warm water washing outside / filling paddling pools or washing the dog! Click on the links or go to the Accessories tab here.

Click on “Additional Information” tab for information on the shower heads and hoses available for this pack

Additional Information


Hair Wash Shower Head with thumb lever control, chromed plastic or solid brass*

  • Integrated check valve to prevent back flow (prevents contamination of your water system – i.e: if shower head is dropped in bath water)
  • Easy clean, stylish chrome finish
  • 1/2 ” standard UK/EU screw on connection
  • Light weight chromed plastic avoids damage to ceramic basins if dropped (*solid brass version available more suited for commercial use)
  • Water comes on only when the thumb lever is depressed which gives a huge water saving – perfect for hair salons too
  • No need to turn the water on and off mid shampoo / rinse
  • Slimline design, perfect for getting closer to the hairline and great for rinsing perms, colour and shampoo
  • NOT suitable for use with electric or pumped showers

For more information on our standard (non thumb lever control) shower heads, see “Showers Heads and Hoses” Tab on the Homepage.



  • Choice of Quality Metal or Smooth Easy Clean
  • Lengths available: 1.5m, 1.75m or 2m (or for an even longer shower hose, add the “shower hose to shower hose connector” to join 2 hoses together); if you require a shorter hose please contact us directly
  • Chromed brass connections with rubber washers at each end to ensure a water tight seal
  • German manufactured superior quality
  • Standard 1/2″ BSP EU/UK screw on connections
  • Metal hoses are very strong and flexible and don’t pinch or kink – perfect for basin and shower use
  • Smooth hoses are easy to wipe clean, look stylish – perfect for stand up showers


“Quick Fit” Tap Aerator (fits on the tap end) and Hose Connector (fits on the shower hose)

  • This product is the best way to turn your tap into an instant shower, and back again in seconds – no leaks!*
  • Fits 28mm Male, 24mm Male and 22mm Female taps (other adaptor sizes available under “Accessories”)
  • Fits on a round kitchen, basin, utility or bath mixer tap (for separate hot and cold taps, you’ll need the Y shape shower hose and x2 quick fits)
  • The tap aerator creates a permanent aerated (aerated means air added into the water stream which saves you water and therefore money) straight, non-splash, non-drip water stream and creates a champagne effect water stream
  • Hose connector (this part comes pre-fitted to the tap aerator) fits all standard 1/2″ BSP EU / UK shower hoses
  • Thread pitch – standard 1mm (spacing between threads), i.e. M24x1
  • Product Length: 2.5cm (including Female Adaptor but without hose connector attached)
  • Tap Aerator water flow rate is 13.5-15 litres per minute (when tap is turned on fully) – other flow rates available please ask.
  • Quality chromed brass tap aerator casing and solid chromed brass hose connector
  • The hose connector comes pre-fitted to the tap aerator and the 28mm Male and 22mm Female adaptors come in the pack – the tap aerator without any adaptors measures 24mm Male
  • * If your tap leaks, then you may need to use a variation of rubber washers or a little PTFE tape wrapped around the threading before screwing into the tap spout.


Simple to fit and easy to use – easy screw on connection to your tap & shower hose. Unscrew your existing tap aerator and screw into the tap spout the new tap aerator. Screw the hose connector (pre-fitted to the tap aerator) into the shower hose, now you can slide the shower hose on and off the tap as required. Make sure you measure your existing tap aerator once unscrewed – see photo. It’s important to be accurate – feel free to email us a photo like our photo example if you’d like some help.


Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.


Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.


NOT suitable for use with electric or pumped showers. (Please contact us if you have a pump that works with a pressure sensor as you may be able to use this product).

On 1st use turn the water on slightly to determine water flow – an overly powerful pressure may cause the product to ‘back spray’, and may cause damage.

It is VERY important to always turn off the water after use, to avoid bursting your shower hose.

We recommend that when this product is used you only use a strong quality Every Drop Is Precious shower hose (compliant with EN1113) which has been tested for use with this shower head.

The shower head cannot be used as a permanent water stop and has only been designed to give a temporary shut off. Only suitable for use with normal household water temperatures, do not use with water above 65C or with combined water pressures above 4 bar.

The shower head is NOT a thermostatic controller, it will only provide a temporary water shut-off solution and cannot control water temperature fluctuations caused by your water heating system.

If your cold supply to the tap is mains fed and the hot is supplied from a hot water cylinder, when the shower head flow is stopped (when you let go of lever), you could experience the cold water flowing back into the hot cylinder.

Do not panic this problem can be avoided by fitting a non return valve (or check valve) into the hot water delivery pipe. (In more modern homes they may already be fitted.)

This is easily achieved by a competent DIY person or plumber and should take no more than 15-20 mins. Always take care when using hot water, especially with children and pets.

NEVER leave a child unattended in a bathroom. Always turn on the cold water first and then gradually add the hot until the desired temperature is achieved.

Do NOT connect directly to water heaters or combination boilers.

Do not use with electric or pumped showers.

To ensure constant temperature and flow, avoid running cold water from other outlets during use.

Before fitting please ensure that the tap surfaces have been cleaned to remove any bath oil or soap residue.

5 reviews for Hair Wash Pack, includes: x1 quick fit tap to shower aerator and hose connector, x1 shower head and x1 shower hose

  1. Review

    Brilliant product. Took no time at all to fit to bath tap and is perfect for hair washing. Highly recommend.

  2. Review

    This item arrived very quickly and fits well on our mixer tap. Not used yet as only arrived 2 days ago but product looks sturdy.

  3. Review

    Excellent very impressive does exactly what I needed at a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Brilliant item

  4. Review

    Easy to fit & Ideal for washing the pups in the utility room
    Mrs Wendy Bell

  5. Review

    I was DREADING having to tackle this as I’m no plumber by any standard. This actually took 5mins, it was so easy. Initially, I thought it was leaking from the connector to the shower hose, then looked back at the picture on the instructions and noticed I had attached the hose wrong way around. This product works and no water leaks from anywhere. Very pleased.
    Jovi Chan

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