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Hosepipe Hozelock Adaptor – Quick Fit

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  • For use with Quick Fit Tap Aerator or to attach an on/off thumb lever showerhead for use on a hosepipe
  • x1 3/4″ Hozelock Hosepipe adaptor with 1/2″ white reducer.
  • For use with either a “Quick Fit” tap aerator and hose connector product or a thumb lever control shower head outside on a hosepipe.

2 reviews for Hosepipe Hozelock Adaptor – Quick Fit

  1. Kimi

    So easy to connect up to the “Quick Fit” Hosepipe Connector. If your outside tap or pipes are prone to freezing up during the winter months it is no longer an excuse not to wash the car with this gadget!

  2. Amy W

    I happened to find your website by googleing Hozelock adaptor. Although I havent bought any water saving devices yet, the Hozelock adaptor seemed to be very good value, so thanks! It has however encouraged me to look at how I can sabve water in my home so its on my list of things to do!

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