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Hosepipe to indoor mixer tap connector

Hosepipe to indoor mixer tap connector


The best way to attach a hosepipe to an indoor mixer tap – perfect if you need cold or WARM water outside to wash your pets, car or fill the paddling pool!


  • x1 hozelock adaptor and x1 “quick fit” tap aerator and hose connector
  • Use your tap like normal with this brilliant product and then easily attach and detach a hosepipe (or even a shower hose)
  • Once you’ve fitted the aerator (easy to do – just screw into the tap spout), you simply screw the hose connector into your existing hosepipe and slide the hose into the tap aerator casing and away you go!
  • Tap aerator includes all of these standard sizes: 28mm Male, 24mm Male and 22mm Female (other adaptor sizes available under “Accessories”)

Parts included:

  • x1 24mm Male Tap Aerator (with special casing to house the hose connector so you can slide the hose on and off the tap)
  • x1 Hose Connector (comes pre-fitted to the tap aerator above, easy to remove once fitted to the tap)
  • x1 28mm Male adaptor
  • x1 22mm Female Adaptor
  • x1 Hozelock 2041 hosepipe part (screw the hose connector into the white female part of this product)

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    The product arrived on time in good condition and was as described. Of very good quality and should last for years. I live in an upstairs flat and it appeared to be just what i needed to water the garden etc.

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