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Lavalino Bidet Toilet Seat

“Would you wash your hands with just tissue? If you’d prefer a bidet but don’t have the space, this add on bidet toilet seat is a great solution.

There are no all-singing, all-dancing electronics. Just twist the control on the side of the toilet seat for the water jet to extend out and wash you. The more you twist, the more water is released. When you’re finished, just twist the control back!

It’s great for IBS sufferers, during and after pregnancies, the elderly, or purely for hygienic reasons.”

– Our founder Tamsin

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Our add on bidet toilet seat gives you the feeling of instant cleanliness that only washing with water can bring.

Simply add it to your existing toilet and its water supply. No electricity required.

  • Works using existing cold water connection, water pressure and supply. * For warm water washing add the “thermostatic controller” option if you have a hot water supply to connect the seat to
  • No electricity required – batteries included for the LED blue night light
  • Simple to fit to existing round or oval toilet pans
  • Slow to close toilet seat and lid
  • High quality German manufactured – scratch proof, heat resistant, doesn’t fade in sunlight
  • Easy to remove seat and lid for thorough cleaning
  • Easy to clean retractable wand / nozzle
  • 2 year warranty

Pack includes (cold water washing):

  • x1 Lavalino Toilet Bidet Seat
  • x1 T bar – connects the 2 braided hoses
  • x2 braided hoses – one to connect to the cistern and one to connect to the water supply
  • x1 elbow hose – connects to the seat

For warm water washing, a thermostatic controller is also included.


  • Material: Full Duroplast – a composite resin plastic, like Formica or Bakelite
  • Colour: White, suitable for ceramic
  • Weight: Approx. 5.5 Kg
  • Dimensions: L: 50.5cm x W: 37cm x H: 9.5cm
  • Mounting: Mounting plate with plug fixation from above
  • Working water pressure: 1-10 bar flow
  • Bidet flow volume: Approx. 1.9 litres per min at 1 bar of pressure
  • Water-carrying parts: KTW-A checked, DVGW W270 checked
  • WC seat norm: DIN 19516 compliant
  • Compliance: DIN EN1717 concurring (air gap family A- Type D to EN13079) *Pending WRAS approval
  • Product codes: EDIPLAV15560002 (with LED light)
 EDIPLAV15560003 (with LED and thermostatic control for warm water washing)

Product downloads:

User manual (PDF)

Installation guide (PDF)

Data sheet (PDF)

Brochure (PDF)

Template (PDF)

Cleaning guide (PDF)

Water supply protection:

UK and European regulations specify that all potable water pipes must be protected against contamination from used and dirty water in order to safeguard your health.

The EN 1717 Standard sets out the specific details, including stipulations concerning the avoidance of contamination to drinking water within properties and buildings. In addition, it stipulates the general requirements for safety mechanisms concerning the avoidance of contamination due to backflow. LAVALINO products are certified and approved in line with EN 1717. WRAS approval pending.


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How is this add on bidet toilet seat powered?

Unlike most other designs, the Lavalino uses water pressure alone. It doesn’t need electricity.

How can I check the Lavalino will fit my existing toilet?

  • Print out the 4 A4 pages of our Fitting Guide Template (PDF)
  • Sellotape them together
  • Place this over your current toilet pan to see if the Lavalino will fit

Can you show me how to fit it and how it works?

Yes! Just check out our Video below.

Can I fit this add on bidet toilet seat or do I need a plumber?

The pack comes with everything a competent DIY person or plumber needs to retro-fit this brilliant bit of kit to your existing toilet pan and water supply.

But the key word is ‘competent’. If you’re at all unsure, then do call a plumber!

How much water does it use?

The Lavalino add on bidet toilet seat will only use a small amount of extra water – approximately 1.9 litres per minute at 1 bar of pressure. This is minimal compared to what you’d use showering or with a douche. You’ll also use far less toilet paper and / or wipes than normal.

How do you clean it?

Simply use a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please avoid abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.

Is there a warm water option?

Yes, you can choose the model which has an LED thermostatic control for warm water washing.

Is the Lavalino just for domestic use?

No, the Lavalino add on bidet toilet seat can be used in commercial premises as well as domestic settings. There are no remote controls to lose or complicated buttons to fathom out!

Does the Lavalino comply with UK and European water regulations?

Yes, the Lavalino add on bidet toilet seat was developed specifically for the UK and European markets.

If you’re considering a Japanese or US alternative, do double-check whether they’re compliant as many are not and won’t be covered under warranty if it goes wrong.

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2 reviews for Lavalino Bidet Toilet Seat

  1. Scallywag1

    Great product

  2. Johnson

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great buy!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 December 2021
    Colour: White
    Just had my bathroom done and I’m pregnant but forgot about a bidet. This seat looks great, works really well (suspect it will be really handy once had baby too!) and was easy for my boyfriend to fit which is a bonus!

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