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The Lavalino Shower Toilet

The Lavalino Shower Toilet


Key Features:

  • Integrated shower toilet bidet seat with cold water connection
  • Easy to use, turn the nozzle on the side of the seat to wash with water and turn back to retract when finished!
  • High quality German manufactured – scratch proof, heat resistant, doesn’t fade in sunlight
  • Easy to remove seat and lid for regular cleaning
  • Slow to close toilet seat and lid
  • Easy to fit to existing round or oval toilet pans
  • Can be fitted by a competent DIY person
  • Excellent value for money
  • No electricity required
  • Batteries only required to work the LED blue night light
  • Works off existing water supply
  • Easy to remove retractable wand for easy clean of any limescale build up

Achieve the feeling of instant cleanliness that only washing with fresh water can bring! Afterall, you wouldn’t wash your hands with just tissue!

Easy to use, no elaborate and confusing electronic controls – simply twist the nozzle on the side of the toilet seat for the water jet to wash you, then retract the nozzle for it to stop.

Suitable in both homes and businesses, whether required for medical conditions or purely hygienic reasons – it’s perfect for everybody! For example: ante and post natal, the elderly, IBS and haemorrhoids sufferers, etc. 

A brilliant space saver, ideal for smaller bathrooms – as no separate bidet required!

Our Lavalino Shower Toilet (integrated bidet toilet seat) comes with everything you or your plumber needs to retro-fit this brilliant bit of kit to your existing toilet and water supply.

Pack Includes:

  • x1 integrated Lavalino Toilet Bidet Seat
  • x1 T bar which connects the 2 braided hoses and reducer together
  • x2 braided hoses (1 connects to the cistern and 1 connects to the water supply)
  • x1 reducer (connects the T bar to the flexi elbow hose)
  • x1 Elbow hose  – connects to the seat

Additional Information

LAVALINO SPECIFICATION with LED night light (cold water only)

Material: Full duroplast

Colour: White, suitable for ceramic

Weight: Approx. 5.5 Kg

Dimensions: L: 50.5cm x W 37cm x H: 9.5cm

Mounting: Mounting plate with plug fixation from above

Working water pressure: 1-10 bar flow

Bidet flow volume Approx. 1.9 litres per min at 1 bar of pressure

Water-carrying parts: KTW-A checked, DVGW W270 checked

WC seat norm: DIN 19516 compliant S

Safeguarding: DIN EN1717 concurring (air gap family A- Type D to EN13079)

Product code: EDIPLAV15560002


Water supply protection is very important. European regulations specify that all potable water pipes must be protected against contamination from used and dirty water in order to safeguard your health. The EN 1717 Standard sets out the specific details. This Standard includes stipulations concerning the avoidance of contamination to drinking water within properties and buildings. In addition, it stipulates the general requirements for safety mechanisms concerning the avoidance of contamination due to backflow. LAVALINO products are certified and approved in line with EN 1717.


Fitting Guide

Fitting Guide Template (PDF)

Print the 4 A4 pages and sellotape together, then place over your current toilet pan to see if the Lavalino fits

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    A great way of being able to clean without having a shower after using the loo. My 4 year old daughter especially loves the night light which means she can use the loo in the night without turning the over head light on and completely waking up.
    We’ve also noticed a considerable saving in loo paper!

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