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Pet Dog Wash Sink Shower or Bath Pack

“Trying to turn off the water to grab the shampoo while washing the dog can be a nightmare. With our pet wash shower attachment kit, the water only comes on when you push the handheld shower head’s thumb lever. When spraying sensitive areas, just apply less pressure to turn the water down. The slimline design helps prevent your pet being spooked mid wash too. Less mess and stress for you and your pets.

The aerator means it’s simple to switch to a steady, no splash water stream when you’re not busy washing your pets. How cool is that?”

– Our founder Tamsin

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* Please note – our pack offering, includes a £15 discount for buying all 3 items together – i.e. includes the quick fit tap aerator and a shower head and shower hose of your choice. *
Easily wash your dog, cat or pet with our pet wash shower attachment kit

There’s no more fiddling about turning the water on and off mid wash. Instead a clever thumb lever frees up your hands.

This complete pack includes: shower head, shower hose and our “Quick Fit Tap Aerator”.

  • All shower heads screw into a standard 1/2” BSP shower hose
  • All have integrated check valves to prevent dirty water back flow contaminating your water system. For example if you drop the shower head into bath water.
  • 2 year warranty
Pet Wash Shower Head with thumb lever control option
  • Thumb lever control. The water only comes on when you press the lever, saving you water.
  • Slimline design. Great for hard to reach places on all pets, great or small.
  • Choose from lightweight chromed plastic to avoid damaging ceramic basins if dropped. Or solid chromed brass version for commercial use, for examples in dog grooming salons or holiday log cabins.

NOT suitable for use with electric or pumped showers which don’t have an automatic shut-off. Check with your pump manufacturer.

Alternative shower head options
Choose from:
  • Stylish Rectangle Design
  • Oval Twist Head 3 Spray Pattern
  • 5 Spray Pattern
  • Push button stream and spray
  • Design Air shower head (saves water by sucking air up into the small hole in the centre of the shower head)
  • Large 3 Spray Shower Head (15cm diameter)
All suitable for use with electric, pumped and gravity fed showers. Easy to wipe clean rubber nozzles where featured. See photos for individual designs.

Pet Wash Shower Hose options
  • German manufactured superior quality
  • Standard 1/2″ BSP EU/UK screw on connections
  • Chromed brass connections with rubber washers at each end for a watertight seal
  • Quality Metal – a strong and flexible hose that doesn’t pinch or kink. Perfect for basin and shower use.
  • Choice of lengths of 1.5m or 2m. For longer lengths, our shower hose to shower hose connector joins 2 hoses together – look at the Accessories page.
  • Y shape shower hose available for separate hot and cold taps. But you will need to fit an extra Quick Fit Tap Aerator. This is included.
Quick Fit 3 in 1 Tap Aerator
  • Adds air to create a straight, non-splash, non-drip ‘champagne effect’ stream which saves water
  • Fits on a round kitchen, basin, utility or bath mixer tap
  • Quality chromed brass tap aerator casing, quality German-made aerator insert and solid chromed brass hose connector
  • Aerator fits to tap end. Its pre-fitted hose connector connects to all standard 1/2” UK / EU shower hoses.
  • Tap Aerator water flow rate is 8 litres per minute when tap is fully turned on. Please ask if you need a different flow rate.
  • Product Length: 2.5cm including the 22mm Female / inside thread adaptor, but not including the hose connector.
  • Fits 24mm and 28mm Male / outside thread and 22mm Female / internal thread taps. Other male adaptor sizes available in Accessories
  • Thread pitch: standard 1mm spacing between threads. For example M24x1

Can you explain exactly how to fit it and how it works?

Of course. We’ve designed this pet wash shower attachment kit with easy screw-on connections to your tap and shower hose.

  1. Unscrew your current tap aerator.
  2. Screw the new tap aerator into the spout. The tap will still work as normal at this point.
  3. Screw the hose connector into the shower hose. It’s pre-fitted to the tap aerator.
  4. Slide the shower hose on and off the tap as required.
  5. On the first use gently turn on the tap / shower to determine water flow.

Just check out our Pet wash video below with our doggy co-star Bonnie. There’s a separate video covering Quick fit aerator video on Youtube.

How do I know what size aerator I need?

See the photo to see how to measure your existing tap aerator once unscrewed. It’s important to be accurate. Feel free to send us a photo if you’d like some help.

Can I use an existing shower hose?

We recommend that when this product is used indoors, you use a quality Every Drop Is Precious shower hose. Ours are compliant with EN1113.

What do you mean by a check valve?

All our shower heads include a pre-fitted integrated back flow prevention device. So if you drop your shower head into bath water, the water won’t be sucked back up into your water system. It doesn’t affect the water flow rate. It just prevents any dirty water contamination.

Will it work with separate hot and cold taps?

Yes. But you’ll need the Y shape shower hose. This includes an extra Quick Fit aerator.

Will this pet wash shower attachment kit work with a leaky tap?

If your tap leaks, then you may need to use some rubber washers. Or wrap a little PTFE tape around the threading before fitting the new aerator. Then screw our products into the tap spout.

How wide is the tap aerator without any adaptors?

The tap aerator measures 24mm Male / outside thread without any adaptors.

What’s the best way to clean this pet wash shower attachment kit?

We’d recommend removing any scum or limescale build up with a damp cloth. Please don’t use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.

How can I avoid bursting the shower hose?

It’s important to always turn off the water after use. Our pet wash shower head has only been designed to give a temporary shut off. It cannot be used as a permanent water stop.

What is the maximum water pressure it can be used with?

It’s suitable for combined water pressures below 4 bar.

What’s the maximum water temperature?

Only suitable for use with normal household water temperatures. But do not use with water above 65C. The shower head is NOT a thermostatic controller. It will only provide a temporary water shut-off solution. It cannot control water temperature fluctuations caused by your water heating system. So be sure to check the temperature each time you press the thumb lever.

Can I use the Pet Wash Shower Head with an outdoor tap?

Yes, you will need to include a hosepipe adaptor. Also you’ll probably only need to turn your outside tap on a quarter of the way. If the water pressure is too powerful, it may cause the product to ‘back spray’ and damage it.Also don’t leave the shower head permanently attached to the outside hosepipe. It could be adversely affected by extreme changes of temperature.

Is this Pet Wash shower attachment kit just for domestic use?

No, it can be used in commercial premises as well as domestic settings.

Where can I find out more about the dog towel shown in the video?

Check out our dog towel details here.

How else can we use the quick fit tap 3 in 1 aerator?

The part that allows you to attach the hose onto the tap also works with many of our other water-saving products. For example:

  • Add a hosepipe adaptor to attach a hose to water the garden, wash the car, fill the hot tub or paddling pool, or wash your pet outside with warm water
  • Attach a retrofit water filter  for pure water straight from the tap

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1 review for Pet Dog Wash Sink Shower or Bath Pack

  1. Johnson

    Mrs B
    5.0 out of 5 stars Great dog wash!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 April 2021
    Size Name: 1.75m Metal Shower HoseVerified Purchase
    This works really well in my utility room to wash the dog after mucky walks.
    Great pressure so really does the job well and so easy to slip the hose on and off to the connector.

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