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“Quick Fit” tap aerator & hose connector / shower hose to mixer tap connector, 28mm Male, 24mm Male and 22mm Female

“Quick Fit” tap aerator & hose connector / shower hose to mixer tap connector, 28mm Male, 24mm Male and 22mm Female


How do I fit a shower hose or hosepipe to my sink or bath mixer tap? With this terrific product!

The “Quick Fit” Tap Aerator & Hose Connector will allow you to use your tap like normal and quickly attach a shower hose or hosepipe to the tap whenever you need to turn your tap into an instant shower!  Perfect for tenants or for people who don’t have showers in their bathroom, require a shower hose in the sink for hair washing or small pet washing or for people who need warm water outside!

At the same time, you’ll save water & energy and therefore money (especially if it can be used with one of our on/off thumb lever shower heads). This is achieved by the clever tap aerator which reduces the amount of water you use and adds air into the water stream, which in turn actually improves the water flow. Get rid of your messy splashing tap without buying a whole new tap! Incorporates the latest in German eco-technology and is suitable for a monobloc (single spout), round, mixer tap – perfect for your kitchen, utility or bath room! Includes WRAS approved eco components.

“Quick Fit” Tap Aerator  and Hose Connector

  • Fits 28mm Male, 24mm Male and 22mm Female taps (other adaptor sizes available under “Accessories”)
  • Fits on a round kitchen, basin, utility or bath mixer tap
  • The tap aerator creates an aerated (air added which saves you water and therefore money) straight, non-splash, non-drip water stream and feels lovely.
  • Hose connector fits all standard 1/2″ BSP EU / UK shower hoses
  • Pitch 1mm (spacing on the thread), i.e. M24x1
  • Product Length: 2.5cm (including Female Adaptor but without hose connector attached)
  • Tap Aerator water flow rate is 13.5-15 litres per minute (when tap is turned on fully) – other flow rates available please ask.
  • Quality chromed brass tap aerator casing

If you require a shower head and shower hose too (discount included in pricing), please see our Tap to Shower Pack or  Hair Wash Pack

If you want to attach a hosepipe to your mixer tap which includes a Hozelock 2041 product (hosepipe adaptor) please see our Hosepipe to indoor mixer tap connector pack

Additional Information


Simple to fit and easy to use – easy screw on connection to your tap & shower hose. Unscrew your existing tap aerator and screw into the tap spout the new tap aerator. Screw the hose connector (pre-fitted to the tap aerator) into the shower hose, now you can slide the shower hose on and off the tap as required.

Make sure you measure your existing tap aerator once unscrewed – see photo. It’s important to be accurate – feel free to email us a photo like our photo example if you’d like some help.

54 reviews for “Quick Fit” tap aerator & hose connector / shower hose to mixer tap connector, 28mm Male, 24mm Male and 22mm Female

  1. John Heenan

    The solution to obtain a water supply from a mixer tap for the garden hose is so simple!! Excellent product. Excellent service. (

  2. Raymond Day

    This is a great item (used with the hosepipe adaptor), the aerator actually works better than the one supplied with the tap, very easy to attach the hose by sliding the fitting onto the aerator. Was the only item which would stay on my swan neck tap.

  3. Christine Speller

    Great bit of kit highly recommended.

  4. Sarah Cheetham

    Great product – easy to install and works great

  5. Yolaine Djeukam

    The item was delivered as expected and really work as I had expected.

  6. Danny Bowren

    No more wet kitchen floor due to screw hose pipe connections. Speedy delivery too.

  7. Geoffrey James

    Used with pressure washer. Excellent service from a good company this product is good works well no leaks with my pressure washer.

  8. Ian

    Hosepipe use. Excellent design and execution. Unscrew the aerator on the tap fitting, screw-on the adapter/aerator (using the supplied adapter if required), screw-on the Hozelock male fitting and bingo. Really like this product. Well made, far better than other solutions, and much more secure.

  9. Dazza76

    Easy to fit. Does exactly what it says. Worth the money. No more carrying buckets of hot water to the paddling pool. Just sit back with a beer and watch it fill up.

  10. Frederico Marques

    This is a definite must have if you don’t have a water tap on your garden. It fits perfectly to my kitchen sink tap, and fits snug to my hozelock fitted hose. Be sure to be using hozlock fittings, as I’ve tried a different to start with and it was a bit leaky. With an all same brand setting, there are no leaks at all, there’s plenty of pressure and I can even fill the paddling pool in the garden with warm water for my daughter.

  11. Michael Tomlinson

    Brilliant product. Only obvious how it works when you see it but basically you swap the aerator on the tap for a new one that is half cutaway and allows for a plastic section newly screwed to the hoselock end of the pipe to be slid into it. Worked perfectly.

  12. John & Jude

    Wow!! What could be better – not a lot, well made does just what we wanted it to do, an added bonus we ordered it on Thursday evening and we fitted it on Saturday afternoon. You can’t do better than that. Thank you

  13. Alberto

    Excellent service. I have been looking for sometime for a connector to fit a shower attachment to my kitchen tap. Where I live here in Holland my search was exhausted with no result. After looking on the Internet I found this one, after some discussion with Every drop is precious they were able to find me this one. Upon receipt it fitted and did the job for what I needed. No leaks and a perfect fit. Must also just commend the person that I dealt with who helped me. I would recommend this fitting and this company.

  14. Kaye Searey

    What a brilliant invention! Very easy and simple to fit and works like a dream, no dripping or leaks.

  15. Osama

    Grrrrrreat! Superb little adaptor. At the beginning I was mad because I thought that it comes with the shower head. I mean it’s not a cheep piece to buy. But after I installed it, it was worth it. Pure piece of hard stainless steal

  16. Den T

    THE perfect two-piece solution to the conundrum of fitting a hose to a monobloc mixer tap and I highly recommend it.
    The built in aerator of the tap adaptor provides excellent control to the water jet under normal use whilst reducing water useage. The slide-in connector fitted to the hose works well and the connection proves to be completely leak free.
    The support staff provided excellent advice throughout as I was unsure of the thread size of my kitchen and wash basin taps and they were more than happy to refund the purchase price of the two reduction adaptors bought ‘just in case’ which in the end were not required.

  17. Mr Grumpy

    This fits the bill exactly and even gives a better flow of water and what is even more important. At last. I have been looking for a system to fit over a tap end which is not suitable for a push on hose. This fits the bill exactly and even gives a better flow of water and what is even more important does not leak at the side. Our plumber was very impressed and will pass on details to some of his customers who have been looking for such a product.

  18. John RF

    Very Highly Recommended. One of those things I wouldn’t be without. Ideal for hair washing with a handheld spray at the kitchen sink. A positive screw connector that can’t fly off in the middle of rinsing. Once fitted the hose can just slide in or out as required with no fuss. Would be ideal if you have to use the kitchen tap for the garden hose through the window.

  19. NMP

    What an excellent little gadget…..really brilliant! I use this particular sink/tap for washing my dog & was stick & tired of the ‘shove on tap’ hose thingy coming off all the time!!! This gadget is worth the money it’s fab!

  20. S Mcintosh

    Fantastic product. Great item, this is the second one I have bought, defo worth the money.

  21. A Martin

    What a great Idea wish we had found sooner. Got this to fit to the kitchen mixer tap in our Motorhome so we could quickly connect a standard shower hose to it. Our Motorhome has a loo/wet room shower, the shower has never been used as it’s just to small for us and would mean moving lots of stuff out of the way first, and if you only want to wash your hair this will be so much easier. It will also be useful should we need to use the shower outside the van, kids can get very sandy on beaches.
    Fitting is a straight forward screw in replacement for the original 24mm aerator. Not cheap but a well made quality item. Works a treat and no leaks. Would highly recommend this product.

  22. Danny Bowman

    Hose attachment. No more wet kitchen floor due to screw hose pipe connections. Speedy delivery too.

  23. Colin Wilson

    Used with the hozelock to attach a hosepipe. Works well saved changing the taps, no leaks.

  24. Apple is my fruit

    Great product! I ordered this product after stumbling on it whilst looking for a mixer tap to use in the interim after my electric shower needed a replacement part. This product has made my life so easy while I wait for my shower to be fixed. I did it by myself I didn’t need a plumber all I paid out for was the adapter. I needed the 28mm adapter the aerator for the tap and plastic adapter for the shower hose attachment was included…. and I have an instant shower mixer tap. I am not in a rush now to fix my electric shower now. Worth every penny I think of my hard earned cash …..£19.99. I totally recommend this product! some other reviewers had said it was too much money for what you get, I think very cost efficient considering you don’t pay out an extra cost to fit. Genius invention.

  25. shutter

    Exactly what i needed. I have a bath tub with a single outlet mixer tap so needed something I could use to attach a standard shower head. Couldn’t find anything in the stores apart from changing he whole tap unit (which I didn’t fancy) and then saw this. Perfect! It fits a standard tap thread and has an easy detach mechanism when you want to use the tap on its own. I use it attached to a standard shower head and depending on the water pressure in your home its good enough for a decent shower. It won’t be denting your skin, but I prefer that anyway.

  26. Nick France

    Great device. Super fast delivery, great product, easy to fit and worked perfectly. Nithing bad about it!!!

  27. HGG

    This device is brilliant!! I bough this for the second bathroom which doesn’t have a shower and it works brilliantly, my main concern was if the the shower power would be good enough for a decent shower and this far exceeded my expectation!! Buy this product.

  28. marymax

    This is a fantastic invention… i love it… turns the mixer tap into a shower… my shower broke down recently and i had to wash my hair at the sink… i just wanted a hose type thing to put on the tap .. Then i discovered this…. you use your own shower hose and clip it and off the tap using the fittings provided… I’m impressed….

  29. Charlie

    Perfect for renters. Excellent. It’s exactly what I needed and now I have a shower without the fuss of having to shell out to have one put in the wall.

  30. Mr O Sanchez

    Very practical, easy to fit. has add-ons for screw in tap or screw out… just perfect. does not leak…

  31. Lucy Liu

    This mixer tap attachment is a godsend-you just unscrew the spout and screw on this attachment permanently.you can then unscrew the shower hose after you have showered if you wish.it is so much better than the rubber hose attachments that usually fall off if you turn the water on too much,or they do not fit properly.

  32. Glenn Ford

    Excellent product. Ingeneaus solution, well priced.

  33. Sam Griffin

    Using to attach a hosepipe to kitchen tap. Have tried so many different types of fitting in the past. This one is great. It actually works! Easy to understand but had to get my daughter to fit it with her strong hands. Brilliant, very happy

  34. Vicky McLaughline

    Prompt delivery and product description was accurate. Good product.

  35. Anthony Rees

    Very good.works perfectly and simple to install.

  36. Irene

    Wonderful. After having several quotes in the £100s to fit a handshower to our bath to wash our dogs I found this quite by accident and am so glad I did. I ordered the hoselock attachment too, ran a hose through a bedroom and washed a large extension glass roof with hot soapy water and absolutely no drips anywhere – brilliant! Super service.

  37. Mary-Anne

    Amazing product! I have lived in my flat for nearly 25 years and never had a shower and i was unable to afford to have one fitted.I ordered this amazing little gizmo and OMG i now have a shower! i am so amazed! my water pressure especially in my hot water wasn’t great but that made no difference such a great product and fast delivery.

  38. Kimi

    Superb Product. Not only stylish but genius, I no longer get absolutely soaked when filling up the dogs water bowl thanks to the aerator! Being able to connect the hosepipe and shower hose easily to this product is utterly brilliant, I have tested both out with great results. Thank you so much!

  39. A Potter

    Very quick next day delivery and good help from the lady I spoke to, but unfortunately the item was too big for my tap.

  40. Yorkshirelad

    What a brilliant product. At last we can say goodbye to the plastic hose and jubilee clip. Works a treat and and so easy to fit too! Also looks brilliant – well done!

  41. Zara

    Realy good to turn your sink taps into a shower without those silly rubber things. very happy with it, but please hurry up and make the bigger version as I want one for my bathtaps too.

  42. Tim Speechley

    What more can one ask for? The shower adaptor worked exactly as described, is of good quality and arrived much earlier than promised. What more can one ask for?

  43. A Brown

    Brilliant product, working great on my bath filler which has a 24mm connector. Saved me a fortune in buying another mixer shower and getting a plumber to install it. Highly recommended seller!

  44. GARRY

    Fabulous product such a neat solution. Just click in and off you go. Great and easy to use shower to sink connector , so fed up of plastic one popping off and soaking me!

  45. Brian

    I love gadgets and this a good gadget! I am a painter/decorator and so always washing paint brushes etc in the utility sink. This adaptor has really transformed my life! It’s enabled me to attach my shower hose to to the kitchen sink tap and use the on & off thumb shower head to wash my brushes in half the time. If the wife wants to use it for washing her hair she can buy her own!

  46. Review

    This is an amazing piece of kit and worth every penny. Having had a shower leak behind a tiled wall, I was in need of urgent help in converting my bath mixer tap into a shower. This adapter does that brilliantly. It is well engineered and screws into the tap spout thread on the underside of the tap. Then the shower hose is fitted with an adapter that slots into the underside of the tap. Brilliant!

  47. Alexander Watson

    Ordered on the the Wednesday delivered on the Thursday fitted on the Friday, fantastic product amazing design switching from bath to shower just what we needed, no more power shower. 😃😃😃😃😃👌👌👌👌

  48. Review

    Product was delivered promptly and works perfect on my existing bath tap. Great for washing the kids hair whilst they are enjoying bath time.

  49. Ken MacKinnon

    I bought this on Amazon. My wife has been pestering me for years to replace the bath taps to add a shower. This is a great adaptor. Easy to fit and works. In addition I had some issues with the fitting. I spoke with Tasmin and had to get a second adaptor. The service I have had has been as great as the product. I cant recomend the prodct of the people highly enough. (Tamsin I will take lessons on how to use a tape measure!)

  50. alex frere

    Fantastic, fits our mixer tap perfectly. No leaks.


    In rented accomodation with a large garden and no outdoor tap, we were desperate to find a solution that wouldn’t result in water all over the kitchen. We couldn’t find the exact fitting for our needs so emailed …. fantastic response … helpful and patient. Tamsin sorted us out and the combo we purchased works brilliantly. We were expecting some leakage, but none at all so I’m a very happy gardener!!!!! Can recommend the company, customer service and the product too!

  52. Darren Crisp

    This product is literally a miracle. I tried all sorts of other products from other companies prior but to no avail. This is the miracle cure you are looking for.

  53. Nantha kumar

    Received in time and good quality stuff

  54. Steve Walker

    Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple – fantastic idea well executed and the service was impeccable. Thank you.

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