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Retrofit (add on) Tap Water Filter to existing tap – no new tap required!

“It’s time to ditch the bulky plastic Brita jugs, plastic water bottles and under the sink water filter taps that take up space. This retrofit tap water filter has three layers to sieve out particles larger than 0.3 micrometres. Great for coffee machines, kettles, irons, baby formula milk prep machines… Or just fill a reusable glass bottle and pop it in the fridge.

Filter cartridges last around 3 months and are a doddle to change. The water softener add-on reduces limescale in hard water areas and makes for a better-tasting cuppa too.”

– Our founder Tamsin

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Enjoy filtered water instantly, straight from the tap.

No new tap required! No plumbers required to fit! No large units required under the sink!

Simply unscrew your current tap aerator, screw on the new “quick fit tap aerator”, now you can turn your tap into an instant water filter by simply sliding the water filter disc into the taps spout whenever you want filtered water on tap. Perfect for baby milk machines, filling up reusable water bottles and even great for commercial offices with a kitchen!

Unique Swiss technology filters out micro plastics, rust, germs and odours. Exclusively distributed in the UK by Every Drop Is Precious.

  • Patented Swiss technology
  • Sieves out any particle larger than 0.3 micrometres
  • First pre-filter keeps out coarse sediments and dirt
  • Second patented membrane catches smaller particles like microplastics, rust and also germs
  • Third activated carbon layer filters out pesticides, drug residues and other chemicals
  • Simple installation and filter replacement
  • Additional water softener cartridges available for hard water areas
  • Exclusively distributed in the UK by Every Drop Is Precious
Can you explain exactly how to fit it and how it works?

  1. Unscrew your current tap aerator.
  2. Replace it with the new one. This has a clever half-moon casing that stays in place permanently. The tap works like normal at this point.
  3. Slide the water filter on and off whenever you require filtered water.

Just check out our Video section below.

How easy is it to remove if I don’t want filtered water, for example when filling a watering can?

Very easy. Just slide the water filter off the tap. Then slide it back into the half-moon casing whenever you require filtered water. Even our founder’s two year old can do it!

Can this retrofit tap water filter work in a hard water area?

Yes, just opt for our water softener cartridges. They reduce limescale and improve water taste in hard water areas. No need for bulky under the sink water softeners!

How often will I need to change the filter?

Filters last approximately 3 months. Or for every 500 litres of water filtered.

How will I know when it’s time to change the filter?

The water flow will slow down.

What happens if I’ve forgotten to order more filter cartridges?

You can still use your tap like normal, just without the water filter. But if you subscribe to our regular deliveries, this won’t be a problem.

How do you replace filters and the water softener cartridges?

  1. Unscrew the head
  2. Remove the old filter and/or water softener
  3. Replace with the new one
  4. Screw the product back together

What colours does it come in?

Currently we’re distributing clear retrofit tap water filters. But if you’d like to pre-order it in black plastic or brushed stainless steel, just get in touch.

Can I attach it to my kitchen tap shower head?

Yes, it also works on kitchen tap shower heads which have an aerator that can be unscrewed.

Is this retrofit tap water filter just for domestic use?

No, it can be used in commercial premises as well as domestic settings. It’s perfect for offices, bars and hotels.

How else can we use the quick fit tap aerator 3-in-1?

The part that allows you to slide the water filter onto the tap also works with many of our other water-saving products. For example:

Attach a hand-held shower head for an easier way to wash your hair or a pet in the basin

Add a hosepipe adaptor to attach a hose to water the garden, wash the car, fill the hot tub, or fill the paddling pool or hose down the dog with warm water

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