Reduce Your Water Footprint and Maybe the Sun Will Shine!

drops of water

Increased Water Demand

Climate change and a rapidly growing and developing global community means that water demand is going to increase. Water is already a highly contested resource in third world countries and developing countries where some still do not have access to a clean water supply, and therefore we also should not take it for granted.

Water is not scarce as such, but unevenly distributed. Here in the United Kingdom, we have the economic strength and appropriate resources to extract and efficiently utilise a clean water supply, but not all of us do. Water is not scarce to us right now, but it is a finite resource and will become increasingly scarce if we don’t take action to save it. Far too much water is still wasted due to pollution and general wastage, and it is only a matter of time before we will have to start recycling water in the same way we do with general household waste if we still want the next generation to have a plentiful supply.

If for no other reason, there are few people who would not save water for the huge economic savings it brings. Energy bills are soaring and the economic recession still hangs over us, and if we take some simple steps to reduce our water consumption, our energy bills will rapidly decline.

So next time (probably next week-realism not pessimism) when you are walking to work wishing wellies were part of the uniform, or are staring miserably through the window as the rain pours down just in time to destroy your planned day trip to the beach, just remember that all this water is not very useable and should not be used as if there is no tomorrow. Or, take an alternative more positive outlook, and in the scenario where we have a much deserved warm and dry Summer, water will be in short supply & hosepipe bans will once more be the norm.

I would like to say that if we reduce our water footprints then the British weather will improve. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. But what I can say is whatever the weather this Summer, if we take action to save water we will be better prepared, and have more money to spend on suncream…or raincoats. Nothing ever seems as bad so long as you are well prepared for it

Posted by Christel Thompson