Simple Ways to Save Money When Renting

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Free Ways

Simple and free, these quick and effective tips are perfect for those on a budget.

  • The oldest trick in the book, turning down the thermostat by 1C can help save as much as £60 per year. After a week, you won’t even notice the difference!
  • Simple yet effective, wearing more layers such as coats, jumpers and socks ensures the heating is not put on unnecessarily. Layering up is a much more cost effective way of staying warm than trying to benefit from the heat while wearing nothing but a T-Shirt.
  • Making food in bulk can help save energy and make the most out of having the oven on. Using it to heat one item is fine, but why heat one when you can heat more?!
  • Washing clothes at 30-40C can help save significant amounts of money. 90% of a washing machine’s energy is spent heating water. Lowering temperatures is ideal for all washing except stained clothing.
  • Opening curtains on a sunny day allows warmth into a property. Keeping them closed on a cold day helps keep the house warm.
  • Does your property have a sunspot like a conservatory? Keeping the door shut to the sunspot all day allows heat to collect which can then be let into the house later in the evening.

£25 or Less

  • Investing even the smallest amount can help save money on bills before you know it!
  • Now is the time to install energy saving light bulbs – if you haven’t already. Installing five energy-saving-bulbs can help you save up to £32 a year. Indistinguishable from incandescent bulbs, energy-saving bulbs provide bright light and no longer take ages to warm up!
  • Fitting water saving tap aerators and regulators is cheap and easy, and can help you save on your water and heating bills. They’re added on to the existing tap so you don’t need to worry about asking the landlord – just fit them in your kitchen and bathroom and start saving 40-50% off your energy bills.
  • A small fan that sits on top of a radiator, a Radiator Booster encourages warm air to circulate around the room, heating it up in half the time and slashing heating costs. Estimates suggest that a Radiator Booster can help save homes between £30 – £140 depending on size and heating needs.

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