The Ark B&B in South Africa Fit Every Drop Is Precious Water & Energy Saving Products!

drops of water

With water and energy saving being a high priority in South Africa…

We’re pleased to say The Ark B&B in Pearly Beach, South Africa has recently fitted Every Drop Is Precious water saving tap aerators and shower heads and we’d like to share the owners Blog which they have kindly included us in! Well Done Steve & Lee and many thanks! 

Mr Noah gets through a lot of water living in The Ark with all the animals.  It is very expensive heating and using so much water, and Mr Noah was wondering how to save some money so that he could buy more food for all the animals.

Then, one day he found a solution to this conundrum, which works really well, and he now wants to share that solution with everyone.  Hopefully, then, everyone can  benefit from his solution – in their homes and businesses as well! Mr Noah recently installed some Every Drop Is Precious shower heads and kitchen & washbasin tap aerators, which are saving considerable amounts of water and energy, and therefore money!  These shower heads work so well that no-one can tell the difference, yet the Ark is using close to 50% LESS water!

Mr Noah is also very  impressed with the kitchen aerator – it not only saves water but he can also double the flow at the push of a button – if he wants to fill the kettle for a cup of tea for Mrs Noah, for instance.  An incidental improvement is that it has also removed the problem of his dripping kitchen tap.

It actually looks terrific and it is not splashing all over the place and soaking his shirt – it seems to give a more gentle but controlled straight water flow. Mrs Noah has also discovered that she can use less detergents and soap too, which is also a welcome bonus.

The products are great value (approximately R90 for a tap aerator) and pay for themselves in just a few months!

See the Every Drop is Precious website for more

Money saved = More animal food!

Mango and Alfie are very happy with that!