Transform Your Hair Salon

Transform your hair salon

Transform Your Hair Salon with the Every Drop Is Precious New Hair Wash Shower Head

Aqua Hairteam in Boston Spa is the 1st hairdressing salon to install Every Drop Is Precious NEW Hair Wash Shower Heads with on/off thumb lever operation.

Sarah Somers, the proprietor is absolutely thrilled with her new purchases. She said, “I could not believe how simple and easy it was to change my old shower heads for these brilliant new lever operated ones”…. It literally took a minute to change them! I had been looking for a solution for a long time, to fix the issue of our fluctuating water temperature and everything I came across looked complicated and expensive. This has been something that has taken up valuable staff time and has been an irritation for my clients.  We are now also saving a lot of water and energy, as we aren’t having to constantly leave the water running. I love the product so much, that I have also bought one to use at home! Really great value for money, and I would highly recommend”.

Delighted Duffy, one of Sarah’s stylists says, “It was a real pain always having to mess about trying to get the temperature right, but now that problem is solved! In addition we’ve found that this new Hair Wash Shower Head by Every Drop Is Precious is much easier to manoeuvre and control and is great for getting close to the hairline when washing. This is particularly important when trying to rinse a perm. The other thing that is really cool, is that you can adjust the water pressure with your thumb, from gentle to full. We, and more importantly our clients just love it!”