Use Water Wisely Despite One of Wettest Years

drops of water

Homeowners and Businesses Urged to Use Water ‘Wisely’ Despite One of the Wettest Years on Record in 2012

The warning from several water companies came a year after droughts led to a hosepipe ban being introduced across a large swathe of the country.

But the April 5 ban, which left people facing punitive £1,000 fines for watering their gardens, almost seemed to be the catalyst for heavy downpours, which led to widespread flooding and 2012 becoming one of the wettest years on record.

Utilities which introduced the ban last year, affecting 20 million people, said they had seen their stocks well replenished by the heavy rainfall.

But there was a warning that the UK’s unpredictable weather meant that scenarios like the back-to-back dry winters that sparked it could be repeated.