Turn Your Single Mixer Tap into an Instant Shower (and back again in seconds!) - Select a Shower Head and Shower Hose with this item.

This product includes: 
x1 TAP AERATOR with x1 HOSE CONNECTOR (measures BOTH Male 24mm & Female 22mm - other sizes available) 
See How Simple It Is To Connect And Use, Click Here
* Simply squeeze the lever to release water and release lever to stop - you control the flow and it's great for saving water! 
* No need to keep turning your tap(s) / shower on and off mid washing - frees up your hands to shampoo!
* No nasty rubber hoses to fiddle with as the "Quick Fit" Shower Hose Connector allows you to quickly and securely attach a shower hose to your sink tap or bath mixer tap with just a gentle push!
* The "Quick Fit" Device also doubles up as your permanent tap aerator which creates a perfect water stream! The aerators special casing houses your shower hose when you want to use it! Your tap will function normally when not being used as a shower or bath mixer with an aerated, straight and non splash stream of water.
* On Off Thumb Lever Shower Head can be used on: a bath shower mixer / shower (N.B: NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers) / kitchen, basin, utility or bath mixer tap.
* For Hair Salons, Professional & Home use, as it's perfect for rinsing out perms, colour or shampoo.
Please note: The On Off Thumb Lever Hair Wash Shower Head is NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers, but you can select another quality shower head. We recommend only an Every Drop Is Precious strong shower hose is used with our On Off Thumb Lever Shower Heads.

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Just squeeze the thumb lever on your Hair Wash Shower Head and you can wash and rinse your hair without the hassle of turning your taps on and off, and having to re-adjust the temperature each time, after it's initially set. You can adjust the water flow by applying more or less pressure on the lever - this is a great feature for when you are rinsing around the eye area, as you can be really gentle. If you require even less pressure, then only turn your taps on half way. Perfect for home use, hairdressing salons and mobile hairdressers! On 1st use only turn the taps on slightly to determine how much water pressure is required.

This pack can be used on a: shower / bath shower mixer / kitchen, basin, utility or bath mixer tap (round mixer, fits a 24mm & 22mm male or female tap). With our BRAND NEW all-in-one "Quick Fit" shower hose to sink tap or bath mixer tap connector & permanent tap aerator you can connect the shower hose to your kitchen / basin or bath mixer tap with just a gentle push. This clever device also doubles up as a permanent tap aerator solution too! How brilliant is that! You'll achieve an aerated, straight, non-splash, non drip water stream and save water, energy and money at the same time.

Please note the Quick fit connector will only fit a bath mixer tap which has a regulator of 24mm or 22mm in diameter. A 28mm Male adaptor is also available for larger bath mixer taps.

Includes WRAS approved eco components from R.C. Mannesmann GmbH.

N.B: The Hair Wash Shower Head is NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers, but you can choose another one of our quality shower heads.

• Integrated backflow prevention device - prevents contamination of your water system is shower head is dropped in bath water (See FAQ’s tab for more information)
• Smooth, easy clean, stylish chrome finish
• 1/2 " standard UK/EU connection, see photo for dimensions
• Light weight plastic, to avoid damage to ceramic basins (Chromed brass version also available)

• Lengths available: 1.5m, 1.75m or 2m (or even longer if you purchase the shower hose to shower hose connector and an additional hose!)
• Satin Smooth or Quality Metal with brass connections
• Anti-limescale / easy clean surface

• Shower Hose Connector sits directly into the Permanent Tap Aerator special casing when you want to use a shower hose in the sink or on a bath mixer tap
• Permanent Tap Aerator with special casing to house the shower hose when required - fits on a: kitchen / basin & bath mixer tap (fits BOTH male & female 24/22mm - comes with a metal male/female adaptor) 
• Simple to fit and easy to use - easy screw on connection to your tap & shower hose
• The Tap Aerator creates an aerated (air added which saves you water and therefore money) straight, non-splash, non-drip water stream and feels lovely!

Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.

Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.

The Hair Wash Shower Head is NOT suitable for use with electric or pumped showers. On 1st Use ONLY turn the water on slightly to determine water flow.  It is important to always turn off the water after use, to avoid bursting your shower hose. We recommend that when this product is used indoors you use a quality Every Drop Is Precious shower hose (compliant with EN1113) which has been tested for use with the Hair Wash Shower Head. The shower head cannot be used as a permanent water stop and has only been designed to give a temporary shut off. Only suitable for use with normal household water temperatures, do not use with water above 65C or with combined water pressures above 4 bar. The shower head is not a thermostatic controller, it will only provide a temporary shut-off solution and cannot control water temperature fluctuations caused by your water heating system.

Safety Advice for those with high water pressure in their homes, this advice applies to all those wanting to use our shower hoses and shower heads which have aerator/regulators fitted.  

  1. Products are suitable for use with normal household water temperatures. For safety and convenience do not use with water above 65C or with combined water pressures above 4 bar.

  2. Always take care when using hot water, especially with children. NEVER leave a child unattended in a bathroom.

  3. Always turn on the cold water first and then gradually add the hot until the desired temperature is achieved.

  4. Before fitting please ensure that the tap surfaces have been cleaned to remove any bath oil / soap residue / limescale.

  5. Do not connect directly to water heaters or combination boilers.

  6. Do not use with electric or pumped showers.

  7. To ensure constant temperature and flow, avoid running cold water from other outlets during use.

Useful information: If your cold supply to the tap is mains fed and the hot is supplied from a hot water cylinder, when the shower head flow is stopped (when you let go of the lever), you could experience the cold water flowing back into the hot cylinder. Do not panic! This problem can be avoided by fitting a non return valve (or check valve) into the hot water delivery pipe.  (In more modern homes they may already be fitted.)  This is easily achieved by a competent DIY person or plumber and should take no more than 15-20 mins. It is always advisable to turn on your cold water first and then add in the hot to mix to required temperature. Please remember this is not a thermostatic product you will still need to check flow temperature before use. Happy hair washing!


  1. Excellent product. Review by Richard Perry

    Fits the tap well. A great solution which has saved us lots of money. Thank you (Posted on 27/02/2017)

  2. So pleased with item works better than a normal electric shower thank you Review by Mrs A Hughes

    So pleased with item works better than a normal electric shower thank you (Posted on 12/12/2016)

  3. Love these products so good, Review by Melanie Temple

    and very easy to fit, great back up for electric shower, daughter prefers over the electric shower its that good (Posted on 23/11/2016)

  4. bought the wall bracket too... Review by Mrs Thelma Whitehouse

    Very neat, not used for our puppy yet, but my husband has used the spray for rinsing his hair. Very pleased. Good quality. And smart looking. (Posted on 25/10/2016)

  5. Amazing product and fantastic customer service. So happy with our tap to shower package, cannot recommend Every Drop Is Precious enough! Review by Amy Merry

    I wanted to take the time to thank you again for going out of your way to assist me with sorting my "Quick to fit" shower hose. I was so impressed with your Customer Service, you had a genuine desire to help me get the right product and, when it didn't quite work you were quick to help solve the problem at time and cost to yourself. I feel this level of service is rare these days and wanted you to know my appreciation. I also wanted you to see how you might be able to sell the tap to shower package as not just for hair washing or dog washing but also for baby washing!! :) (Posted on 21/07/2015)

  6. Excellent service Review by Laura

    I am thrilled with my purchase
    Tamsin at customer service went up and beyond to help me find exactly what I needed. What a great service
    Thank you kindly (Posted on 04/06/2015)

  7. A fantastic Product Review by Deborah

    I have been looking for a product like this for some years and now I have FOUND IT!!! A brilliant hair washing solution, fantastic design made to fit a mixer tap and it has made my life so much easier. As a wheelchair user my hair can now be washed at the sink with ease, my hairdresser is able to colour my hair and wash it properly and is so impressed she is telling other clients about it. I would highly recommend this product. A really fantastic Kit and great Customer Care too. (Posted on 21/05/2015)

  8. Excellent Review by Susan

    Excellent service, all the support I needed to get the right fittings, it came the day after I ordered it and I fitted it inunder 3 minutes. It took longer to unpack than to fit! (Posted on 07/05/2015)

  9. Perfect Solution Review by DenT

    THE perfect two-piece solution to the conundrum of fitting a hose to a monobloc mixer tap and I highly recommend it.
    The built in aerator of the tap adaptor provides excellent control to the water jet under normal use whilst reducing water useage. The slide-in connector fitted to the hose works well and the connection proves to be completely leak free.
    The support staff provided excellent advice throughout as I was unsure of the thread size of my kitchen and wash basin taps and they were more than happy to refund the purchase price of the two reduction adaptors bought 'just in case' which in the end were not required. (Posted on 23/02/2015)

  10. Excellent bit of kit... Review by Keith Farmer

    I was able to fit it in under a minute and works a treat (Posted on 22/01/2015)

  11. hairwashing adaptor Review by Gina Rattee

    I originally thought my bath mixer tap regulator measured 27mm in diameter, but after some assistance I discovered I needed the 28mm tap aerator.
    I fitted the shower head et al last night and how lovely it is! The water pressure on the Design Air shower head is absolutely fine too, I can't tell you what a difference the shower adaptor is going to make, thank you. (Posted on 03/12/2014)

  12. very practical Review by Amina

    very practical
    (Posted on 02/12/2014)

  13. shower in bath Review by Sam Warrant

    I bought a normal shower head with this pack (the one with 5 different sprays) and it works really well. The shower pipe looks and feels good quality, I chose the metal one over the smooth. The tap aireator was actually really easy to fit (well after I tugged on the old one to remove it!) just screwed into the tap end - who knew?! When you want to use the shower you just pop the shower pipe into the tap end, brilliant. My husband was seriously impressed with me, so thanks! (Posted on 11/11/2014)

  14. absolutely brilliant Review by Emma wilkinson

    I only ordered this a few days ago and its come so quickly and is perfect. Everything works brilliantly and much better than the cheap nasty things you get to go over the taps. Looks lovely to. (Posted on 08/08/2014)

  15. Just brilliant ! Review by JB

    Just purchased the Hair wash Shower for a single mixer tap along with a 28mm adapter so that I could attach it to the bath mixer tap. What an ingenious product ! Takes no time at all to fit. The hose adapter with the 28mm adapter fits the tap perfectly and looks as though it belongs to the tap. I opted for the satin, easy clean hose not just because it's easy to clean but also because I was concerned that the bath might get scratched with a metal one. The kit is so practical and it's great that you can leave the hose adapter in place and it functions normally with or without the hose attached. So much better than struggling to get a push fit rubber shampoo spray onto the taps, it doesn't leak and looks so much better !! So pleased I found this product - might seem a bit pricey but the components are made to a high standard from quality materials and as far as I'm concerned, it's worth every penny. (Posted on 11/06/2014)

  16. Definitely worth the money. Review by Gary Angel

    soo pleased with it, received today so quick delivery. So glad I didn't buy a plastic one, this looks so much better. Definitely worth the money. (Posted on 06/01/2014)

  17. Love our purchase! Review by Carole Middleton

    Just want to say we love our purchase. We bought the Quick Fit Hair Wash Pack in advance of our daughter returning home, who likes to make a mess dyeing her hair! She's now back and using the shower and connector, and we all think it's brilliant!
    Thank you. (Posted on 12/09/2013)

  18. Excellent Review by Hasan

    Exemplary seller, excellent communications, item as described and works well, well packaged and arrived super fast. A****** (Posted on 12/09/2013)

  19. my plumber told me i couldnt fit a shower to my sink..he was wrong! Review by teresa t

    I am delighted with this product as I am getting older and need to wash my hair in the sink. This clever product has enabled me to do that and to wash my hair really well. No shampoo left in! i LOVE IT (Posted on 12/06/2013)

  20. Good looking water saver Review by CC

    Makes hair washing quick and easy with no nasty shocks of too hot or too cold water flows. Get the temperature right and flick on and off when you're ready. Brilliant for young kids or pets!! (Posted on 14/05/2013)

  21. super spray Review by Misty Marcia

    I chose this spray because it is so easy to fit on my tap, my hairdresser washes my hair with it and I also wash my small dog with it,. Much better than the push on rubber spray I had, which leaked. (Posted on 14/05/2013)

  22. Great for washing your hair in the bath. Review by Jamie

    I started out looking for one of these for my elderly mother, but liked the idea of it for myself! I always seem to soak the bathroom when I am washing my hair in the bath, so was pleased to come across this. You only have to let go of the lever and the water shuts off, so effective and looks stylish too. Many thanks. (Posted on 21/01/2013)

  23. User friendly shower head for hassle free hair washing Review by Shires

    This shower fitting looks great and streamlined and allows you to control your showerhead water in the bath brilliantly. You can acheive the right temperature and the lever allows you to switch the waterflow on and off without starting all over again!! result, faster hair washing which saves water in the process. Great for little kids too as the water stays at the right temperature with no intermittant blasts of too hot or too cold water! Fabulous and good looking too! (Posted on 17/10/2012)

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