24mm Male AND 22mm Female Tap Aerator and Regulator

How do I stop my tap from splashing and making a mess? With this brilliant product!
* 24mm Male and 22mm Female Tap Aerator and regulator complete in quality brass housing (unscrew the adaptor to reveal the Male thread)
* 6 litres per minute water flow rate - optimum domestic water flow rate in basins. N.B: Flow rates from 1.7l/min to full flow available upon request.
* Saves water by aerating (adding air) preventing messy splashing and improving the flow!
* Your tap will be like new in just 2 minutes - no need to replace your whole tap!
* Excellent value for money with the added benefit of a quick payback!
* Suitable for hard water areas AND both high and low water pressures 
* Save water & energy = save money!
Easy to fit - just unscrew your existing regulator (tap end) and screw this on this new one
Complete 1 piece - no fiddly bits and pieces!
The Every Drop Is Precious 24mm Male and 22mm Female Basin / Kitchen Tap Aerator and Regulator will help you to save money & water in your home. This is done by reducing the amount of water you use and adding air into the water stream, which in turn actually improves the water flow! This clever product incorporates the latest German eco-technology and is suitable for a monobloc (single spout), round, mixer tap - perfect for your basin, kitchen or utility room tap! It's housed in solid chromed brass (so it won't rust) and is easy to fit (see our fitting guide here) - simply unscrew your existing regulator (found at the end of your tap spout) and screw on this new one - it will be like having a brand new tap! Even expensive & brand new taps can come with cheap & nasty tap ends - so don't change your whole tap - just change the end of it! Have a look at our videos, to see just how easy it is to fit! Includes WRAS approved eco components from R.C. Mannesmann GmbH & is also suitable for low water pressures. Stop that splashing or dripping tap today! Perfect for both domestic and commercial applications.
N.B: If you're not sure if your tap end has a regulator then feel free to send us a photo of your current tap end, and we'll do our best to help. 
Also, there are some old fashioned taps that don't have any regulators on at all or some that have been suctioned on using a machine so won't have any screw thread, in which case sadly this product will not be suitable. We are currently working on a solution for old taps that don't have any regulators, for tap ends that measure between 14mm and 18mm (Male) - if you're interested please let us know and we will send you some details.
• 6 litres per minute water flow rate (when tap is turned on fully) - other flow rates available please just ask.
• Integrated Aerator (adds air into the water stream), see FAQ’s tab for more info.
• Integrated Constant Flow Regulator (ensures water flow rate is constant to the set rate, i.e. 6l/min)
• Integrated Self-Cleaning Technology (flushes out sediments and particles found in the water up to 1mm)
• Quality Chromed Brass Tap Aerator Casing
• Comes with an adaptor to fit BOTH Male 24mm (threading on outside) & Female 22mm (threading on inside) round mixer (monobloc) taps
• Product Length: 2.5cm (including Female Adaptor), 2cm without
• Easy to fit screw on connections
• Suitable for round, basin, kitchen, utility & some bath mixer taps (check the size of your tap end first as other sizes available - to see how, read info below) 
• Standard Pitch of 1mm (spacing on the threading), i.e. M24x1 
HOW TO FIT?  Easiest if you just watch this video or look at this Fitting Guide
1. Unscrew your existing regulator which will be found at the end of your tap spout (you may need to use a tea towel and a pair of pliers to loosen, if your tap end is covered in limescale).
2. Measure the diameter of the part you've removed (at the threading end - the part that sits in or on the tap spout, i.e. not the end where the water comes out) and if it measures 24mm as a Male product (threading on the outside) or 22mm as a Female product (threading on the inside), then this is the product for you! Please note other tap aerator sizes are available. 
3. Now screw the new tap aerator into the tap end (with rubber washer). The product will come with a metal Male to Female adaptor already screwed onto the tap aerator so if you don't need it just unscrew it to take off. It will come with a couple of spare rubber washers too. If you're struggling to achieve a water tight seal, then try wrapping a little PTFE tape around the threading on the tap spout -  it's like thin stretchy plaster and can be picked up for a few pence from a hardware store. 
Clean with a damp cloth to remove any scum/lime scale build up. Please do not use abrasive chemicals as they may cause damage.
Parts covered under warranty for 2 years against any manufacturing defects.
  1. Arrived promply and well packaged. Review by Martin Nash

    As for the product description it is as promised. Replaced old aerator and flow noticeably reduced so I now have a water stream that is more directional and does not splash either. Quality is very good. (Posted on 25/10/2016)

  2. I have very strong water pressure Review by Martin Poolan

    which could cause water to splash out of the sink if the tap was turned on full. This works perfectly at reducing the flow. (Posted on 25/10/2016)

  3. Has a good weight to suggest Review by Sijo Francis

    it is made of a good quality metal. Works well. (Posted on 25/10/2016)

  4. This bit of kit is magic! Review by Kenneth Cook

    We now have tap that does not spray water three feet in every direction from the sink when we run the hot water, (Posted on 27/10/2015)

  5. aerator Review by I Higgins

    Lovely after having been sprayed by the tap for few days. Easy to fit and works a treat. Ordered this one as it fitted male and female thread. I wasn't sure which mine was. (Posted on 06/05/2015)

  6. Excellent product, transformed my tap, Review by Robert Gray

    Excellent aerator. Very easy to install, just used a spanner to unscrew the old one and screw the new one on. Works brilliantly, transformed my old tap that was spraying everywhere to give a lovely even flow. (Posted on 06/05/2015)

  7. Just the job Review by skipsafeman

    Delivered on time . Very easy to fit . Works like a dream .Just like the water flow on the taps in a posh hotel . (Posted on 06/05/2015)

  8. Fixed a new tap Review by Nigel Pigdon

    My new tap had relatively low flow and sprayed water in multiple directions. Once fitted still low flow but neat and linear. Just what I was after. (Posted on 06/05/2015)

  9. very pleased Review by W Vaughan

    Very please with the product & the service everything as it should be.......delivery excellent Many thanks (Posted on 11/11/2014)

  10. Excellent product.Very,very pleased. Review by Robert Coul

    Excellent product.Very,very pleased. (Posted on 11/11/2014)

  11. Excellent Review by Mark Shaw

    This is truly a brilliant aerator and works very well delivering a wonderful bubbly champagne flow, far better quality than original Hans Grohe. An excellent product, very well made ~ Very expedient delivery too! Highly recommend! (Posted on 15/05/2014)

  12. Great product! Great Service! Review by Michael

    Puchased this Aerator & Regulator for a new kitchen mixer tap that owing to low hot water pressure was causing a very messy flow of hot water. It was an immediate success, delivering a steady stream of both hot and cold aerated water - no drips, no splashes. I would thoroughly recommend both the product and the great service received from Tamsin at Every Drop is Precious. I will definitely use again when an occasion arises. Thanks Tamsin! (Posted on 01/11/2013)

  13. Very good aerator Review by Mr I

    Had one of those very cheap multi-function nozzles but after a couple of weeks exploded due to the high pressure of my water supply.
    Bought this more expensive replacement to regulate the water flow and was not disappointed. Can handle the high pressure and delivers a very smooth aerated water flow with no splashing. (Posted on 18/10/2013)

  14. Tap Aerator Review by David Hamid

    This item is not easy to find. Quality good. Fast delivery (Posted on 12/09/2013)

  15. Brilliant Stuff!! Review by Farrook Mondol

    Absolutely brilliant stuff - saved me £100 at least as I did not have to get the plumber to replace the tap - as the original aerator had come off and it was appearing that I would need to replace the tap to stop the water from spraying.
    Easy to fit and working actually better tan the original - no sprays at all... (Posted on 12/09/2013)

  16. Fantastic Review by J Robinson

    Fantastic. Simply screw on . Stopped all the splashing out of our kitchen sink and flows in a nice smooth fashion. (Posted on 12/09/2013)

  17. Great buy! Review by Ilona Makliassova

    I originally ordered a free tap insert from Thames Water but it popped out of my kitchen tap a couple of weeks later. Because I liked the aerator system I decided to upgrade to this metal one. So far it's been great - easy to install and because it comes with both male and female adapters I think it would fit any tap. (Posted on 22/05/2013)

  18. Soft water Review by E R

    This is the third time of trying different aerators for our kitchen tap. This is the simplest and the best. (Posted on 14/05/2013)

  19. Great water saving product Review by CC

    Easy to fit and reduces wasted water during hand washing and tooth brushing massively! The 2 minute kids tooth washing session isn't nearly so irritating now!!! (Posted on 14/05/2013)

  20. Tap Aerator Review by Jack Prosser

    This was an excellent product, and of good quality, it solved the problem of splashing water into a ceramic sink. (Posted on 14/05/2013)

  21. Small en-suite Review by S Wilson

    Installed a new en-suite with a flat bottomed sink. Water pressure quite strong so splashing a bit of a problem so was looking for a solution.

    This aerator was really easy to install and instantly fixed the problem with the added benefit of saving on water and heating.

    One recommendation is using a bit of silicone grease on the threads as will help with the seal and make it easier to remove if you ever need to replace. (Posted on 14/05/2013)

  22. Great for kitchen sink as well as basins Review by magicbruno

    I wanted the kitchen tap "auto save / quick fill" version but my tap isn't tall enough so I tried the normal wash basin product. Although it doesn't have the quick fill option, it's not a problem, I have learned just to have a little more patience when filling my kettle! I am saving money (and water) after all.... (Posted on 07/04/2013)

  23. It's a no brainer! Review by Tim Harries

    Just get one for every tap - it's a brilliant concept beautifully executed. And tell your friends and family too! It really is a no-brainer. Why wouldn't everyone want to improve their tap performance and save money in the process?! Delighted with this product, I bought 5 to cover all my taps and will be forwarding this companies details to our CFO as I'm certain there's a lot of money to be saved in our company by making this small and inexpensive change. (Posted on 30/01/2013)

  24. Will be recommending these products to my friends and family! Review by Judith and David Valaulta

    My husband fitted Every Drop Is Precious shower heads and tap aerators in our flat, with little effort and no fuss. The three position shower heads are particularly practical which work so well I would never consider switching back to the old water guzzling old types of shower heads. Initially i had doubts that by saving water it would compromise my showering experience, so i was impressed that it actually enhanced it! We recommend that every home should have them fitted as standard to save valuable resources and costs. The tap aerator has stopped my dripping tap now and the water feels nice too. Incidentally, I'm looking forward to receiving our waterless car wash pack now and will review in due course! Many thanks.
    Judith and David (Posted on 28/01/2013)

  25. My friend told me about these products and i thought it was a con but i was so wrong Review by Coatsie

    it took about a minute to fit to my tap and not only am i saving on my water bills but it looks like i have a new tap. (Posted on 21/01/2013)

  26. Already saving money thank you every drop Review by Mr Terrence

    I was not at all convinced about these products but they really do work and I am delighted to see a reduction of £30 on my most recent water bill...great investment. (Posted on 02/11/2012)

  27. saves loads of water with kiddy teeth brushing. Review by miserable mother

    Attached this to my bathroom sink in the kids bathroom and my irritation around the wasted water during the full 2 min electric toothbrushing episode has halved now that I know that only a third of the water flow is being used!! I was horrified at how grubby my old filter was though and am much happier filling drinking glasses from this squeaky clean new one! Can't wait to see the drop in the water bills as we are on a meter.Thanks! (Posted on 16/10/2012)

  28. Just wanted to say easy to purchase and to let Jeff Howell from the Telegraph know that you can buy aerators from this site! Review by Heston

    i was frustrated about not knowing where to buy a tap aerator from and this site came up on a google search. I am very pleased with my purchase and hope more people find you (Posted on 16/10/2012)

  29. No more getting soaked every time i use the washbasin tap! Review by Thomo

    I thought i would have to change my taps as every time i turned them on the water would splash all over the place! so i was delighted to find this product which has saved me a fortune! No plumbers, no complicated shopping just a few seconds and I had fitted this device. So i now have a lovely non splashy tap and am saving water too! BONUS!
    (Posted on 08/10/2012)

  30. Washbasin pack Review by Mr D Denton

    Great product-fitted in minutes and already saving me money and water. (Posted on 15/09/2012)

  31. Pleased I checked my new tap because.... Review by Mrs K Smith

    I was shocked to discover that my new tap which I had fitted only 4 months ago, had a high water flow rate, approximately 12 litres per minute. I had assumed that all new taps would be water efficient! I changed it to this one, and have now halved my water usage, as it's only 6 litres per minute ( tested it using my kitchen measuring jug) and I'm really pleased as it doesn't feel like its been halved, if anything it feels a little nicer. (Posted on 13/09/2012)

  32. Great product Review by Sam

    I was pleasantly surprised with this bit of kit - it only took me about 2 minutes to change!
    My downstairs cloakroom tap has always splashed all over the place if you turn the tap on full, but once I had changed the regulator to this new product it doesnt splash at all. In fact the water now feels much nicer, like lots of little bubbles! (Posted on 11/09/2012)

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